Let’s try to guess what landed you on our review of AlleyOop Variable Bounce Trampoline by Jumpsport. Perhaps you’ve been searching for a safe trampoline for your kid. Or, you might just have been jealous of your neighbor who has an AlleyOop Trampoline in their backyard. You might even have been doing your research on a trampoline that the entire family could use – a trampoline with high weight limits in other words. We did guess it right, didn’t we?

In any case, welcome yourselves to our in-depth review of what is considered one of the most sought after trampolines; the 14′ AlleyOop Variable Bounce Trampoline by Jumpsport (or to align with the manufacturer’s name, the AlleyOop VariableBounce Trampoline). The manufacturer, Jumpsport, has been one of the industry leaders for 20 years so far, having produced numerous extraordinary trampolines. Jumpsport claims that their AlleyOop line of products contains the safest trampolines available.

We will do our best to cover every aspect of this famous trampoline to see if it deserves the hype it has got online and to check if the high rating on sites like Amazon makes the product a serious candidate for your backyard’s trampoline.

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14′ AlleyOop VariableBounce Trampoline – General Information

As the title implies, this trampoline is a 14-feet, round-shaped trampoline. It has a jumping surface 35″ tall, and it includes a safety enclosure net to ensure the security of the bouncer. It uses the VariableBounce System to provide safer bouncing experience for the jumper.

Wait Wait Wait! What is this Variable Bounce System?

If the above question is spinning in your mind, allow us to clarify things a bit as it’s one of the most important features of the trampoline.

Variable Bounce is a patented technology created by Jumpsport that reduces the stress a jumper’s body receives while they’re bouncing.

Alleyoop variable bounce trampoline amazon site
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Variable Bounce relies on the engagement of half of the trampoline springs with a split-second difference. This means that only half the trampoline springs are engaged right on impact while the remaining ones are engaged about a second later. This allows the shock to be absorbed gradually and slowly by the jumper’s body and not instantly.

In other words, the shock created by the bounce spreads through the body instead of being concentrated on joints, knees, and back.
If the above seems scientific jibber-jabber to you, let’s simplify things even more; the AlleyOop Trampoline VariableBounce equals smoother landing and overall jumping experience for young and older people as well. Voila!

Now, we’ve got the grasp of the main features of the trampoline let’s proceed to what it has to offer to kids and their parents.

What’s in the AlleyOop VariableBounce trampoline for my kid?


All Jumpsport trampolines are created with child safety in mind. Such is the case with their AlleyOop VariableBounce Trampoline. Let’s see what makes it one of the safest trampolines available:

  • It has a combined weight limit of 800 lbs and a single jumper weight limit of 250 lbs. What this practically means for you is that you can have more than one child or adult jumping at the same time
  • The safety enclosure net is made of heavy duty materials that guarantee that the netting can withstand an even direct
    This Alleyoop Trampoline is 100% safe for your kid
    ASTM Certification! The trampoline meets all safety criteria

    impact of 295 lbs. No need to worry about your kid falling off the trampoline mom and dad!

  • No spring access for your child! All springs are covered by the mat. This eliminates any risk of pinches and other injuries of tiny toes and fingers.
  • The enclosure net includes what the Jumpsport refers to as the Unforgettable Doorway. Simply put, the trampoline net contains two pre-sewn doors that make it impossible for a child to fall off the trampoline. Contrary to the other trampolines where kids forget to close or zip the door, the AlleyOop Trampoline’s double doors cannot be forgotten. Instead, they overlap and make sure that the kid remains inside the trampoline no matter what.
  • The trampoline is so sturdy (and heavy) that no tip-overs or movement might ever occur. To put it simply, the AlleyOop trampoline will stay where it should be even during the wildest bouncing.

All the above converge to one single fact. This AlleyOop Trampoline is certainly one of the safest trampolines around. Its ASTM Certification says a lot about that.


Enough with trampoline safety! Let’s move on to the fun aspects of the trampoline.

  • Weight limit of 800lbs (combined weight). Such a weight capacity allows multiple children to bounce on the trampoline or even parents to jump alongside their kids. We definitely do not encourage simultaneous bouncing as many injuries might occur. We only want to point out how durable the jumping surface is.
  • The trampoline is large enough to accommodate your child’s inflatable toys. How about a Gymnic Rody that could take the bouncing to a whole-new level.
  • The trampoline contains a series of 96 powerful springs that provide very high bouncing even for the most demanding jumper.
  • You can install the basketball hoop add-on sold separately by Jumpsport to give your little son the chance to unleash the Michael Jordan they hide. Believe us, he will definitely love this addition. Put the camera on, dunking time begins!

What’s in this AlleyOop Trampoline for the parent?

Apart from a worry-free time thanks to the safety of the trampoline, this product has also other benefits for the parent. Let’s delve into them:

  • Mom and dad can also use the trampoline. The 800 lbs capacity of AlleyOop allows them to jump alongside theiralleyoop variable bounce trampoline pros for parents kids. Furthermore, the Variable Bounce System makes it safer for mom’s and dad’s knees, backs, and joints. What’s better than exercising on a trampoline that won’t harm your tired body?
  • Endurance. The trampoline is made of heavy duty steel that prevents any deforming or twisting from happening to the frame and the poles of the trampoline. Also, all materials used are UV and water resistant. Simply put, the trampoline will look as if it was brand-new for many years from now.
  • The trampoline is easy to assemble. Most users reported that had no difficulty putting the trampoline together. The assembly process will take about 2 to 3 hours for 2 persons. The assembly instructions are easy to follow, and Jumpsport has made it even easier for you by providing YouTube videos to guide you through the process. Just make sure you read the manual and watch the videos before attempting to set up the trampoline.

Here you are! The AlleyOop VariableBounce Trampoline YouTube videos from Jumpsport to guide you through the assembly process :

What do the AlleyOop Variable Bounce Reviews say?

Here’s a list of things that people have reported they like about the trampoline online:

  1. High Weight Limit which exceeds the majority of other trampolines
  2. Easy to assemble, especially if you watch the videos.
  3. The AlleyOop VariableBounce is bouncier than most other trampolines.
  4. The trampoline remained new even after 5 years of daily use.
  5. Kids like the trampoline so much that their parents find it difficult to get their children off it.

Pardon ourselves if we’ve repeated something we had already mentioned, but we thought we should refer to real buyers reviews to allow you know the product better. You can find more of these on Amazon following this link

What are some complaints about the AlleyOop Variable Bounce?

We want to share some complaints that exist online regarding the trampoline. Believe us! We really tried very hard to locate them as they are too few overall.

  • On Amazon, there was merely a reviewer who said it was difficult for them to put the trampoline together as it contained many parts. That’s not strange, however, as he admitted he hadn’t read the instructions thoroughly. A total time of 3 hours is justified for the assembly of such a safe trampoline. Don’t let this discourage you. As said above, the instructions and the videos will make it easy even for the not mechanics-savvy person.
  • Another reviewer stated that they didn’t manage to make the enclosure net stretch as much as it looked on the photos of the product. Fortunately, Jumpsport has created a NEW trampoline safety net that will allow you to install it quickly on the trampoline.
  • The price. We agree that the idea of spending around $1500 on a trampoline might sound crazy to you and that many people will find it hard to afford such an amount. However, what you get here is a very reliable product that will provide the safest bouncing experience for the entire family for many years from now. Given that the average lifetime of a cheap trampoline is 2 to 3 years buying an AlleyOop Variable Bounce Trampoline is definitely a sound investment for your child’s fun, fitness, and most of all safety. Think about it! You can check this buyer’s review on Amazon to help you decide.

What didn’t Jumpsport tell you about their Trampoline?

  1.  No ladder included. Given that the jumping surface is only 35″ off the ground, only very young kids should find it difficult to use the trampoline. Jumpsport, however, sells a ladder separately for such cases. Alternatively, you can use a two-step step stool to ease the access to the trampoline further.
  2.  People living in areas with harsh winters or storms might want to invest in the anchor kit, sold separately from Jumpsport. This will allow them to rest assured that their trampoline won’t be blown away.
  3. Also, if it often snows in your area during the winter, you might consider removing the jump mat or clear off the snow regularly so that you don’t risk the mat ripping due to the excessive weight. We’re talking about over 800lbs (that is 362 kg) of weight here so the chances are you should skip this advice.
  4. You might have to dig a few small trenches as the legs of the trampoline are not adjustable (typical of trampolines) if your backyard has some inclination. Alternatively, you can build up dirt under the legs, or add gravel or blocks to create an entirely even ground to minimize the chance of the trampoline mobility.

Where can I buy the AlleyOop Variable Bounce Trampoline?

The trampoline can be bought from the Jumpsport website or from Amazon. The latter choice seems better to us, however, as Amazon offers the option of expert assembly and gift wrapping. To check the current price and buying options on Amazon use this link or click on the picture on the left.

What about the AlleyOop Variable Bounce Warranty?

Jumpsport offers a lifetime warranty on the frame and the enclosure poles. The manufacturer also provides 5-year warranty for the jumping mat, the safety enclosure net, and the springs. Finally, the trampoline has one year of warranty on any other part.
The above guarantee one thing; your AlleyOop will look and behave as it was brand new after many many years.

Our Verdict – AlleyOop VariableBounce Trampoline

This sums up our presentation of the 14′ AlleyOop Variable Bounce Trampoline. We believe that Jumpsport has once again over delivered with their product, allowing you to buy a top-notch trampoline for your entire family.

To summarize, this AlleyOop Trampoline is a sturdy, fun, and above all safe trampoline that will provide tons of happy hours and bring back the life to your backyard. If you also feel the same, grab it without question from Amazon. Jumpsport certainly won’t disappoint you!

Thank you for reading! Our wishes for happy and safe bouncing

P.S. If you want to check another great product from Jumpsport, take a look at our Alleyoop DoubleBounce Trampoline Review

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