Are you tired of your everyday life, the same everyday routine? Are you ready to offer something new and exciting to your family? Maybe a new trampoline for the family is the answer to all your problems. It’s the easiest way to gather every member of the household and spend some quality time together.Trampolines can be used to reduce stress since you can bounce your problems away while having a blast at the same time.

Bouncing can also be a very effective work out for you and your children so you can keep them active and distract them from video games and electronics. Lastly, buying your kids a trampoline as a gift can surprise them in the best way, since there is no way they will get tired of jumping around and trying new tricks and maneuvers.

They will only give up on trampolining when it’s time for them to go to bed. With all the above in mind, allow your Toy Veteran to welcome you to the Bounce Pro Trampoline Reviews guide. Let’s see if this well-known trampoline brand can provide you and your beloved ones with all the benefits and fun of trampoline bouncing. But first…

Bounce Pro Trampoline Reviews
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What is Bounce Pro? Who is SportsPower?

On your journey looking for the best trampoline for your household, you have surely come across the bounce pro by sportspower series. All customers are talking excitedly about it, and they are leaving the best feedback. Most of the reviews and comments are very positive, encouraging every potential buyer who considers buying one, going on with their purchase.
The bounce pro series is pretty famous in the trampoline market due to its quality and features. More specifically, you have probably heard of the Bounce Pro 15ft, 14ft,12ft or 7ft. Those three bestselling products are designed in such a way, to cover the needs of any customer out there, even the most fastidious ones. At the end of the day, if you are not pleased with BouncePro’s quality, every trampoline of the BouncePro series, has one year warranty. There’s pretty much nothing to lose!

The Bounce Pro 7ft – Ideal for small houses

This is the perfect bounce pro version for families that lack space in their backyard, or basement and need a trampoline that doesn’t take up too much room. Moreover, this option is ideal for families looking to buy their very first trampoline, and they want to start small.

You can get the full bouncing experience through this inexpensive bounce pro that is of course very safe and high quality.
It features an enclosure that makes the trampoline extra safe, perfect for younger children. In fact, this bounce pro has a weight limit of 100 lbs, so it is ideal for kids 3-10 years old. Moreover, the size of the particular product is not only convenient for the house, since it doesn’t consume much space, it also makes the trampoline portable. That means that you can move the trampoline very quickly, which can come very handy in a case of bad weather. You can quickly bring the trampoline inside, and the fun for your little ones can continue.

This is a fabulous inexpensive choice, yet you should keep in mind that due to the weight limit and the size of it, your kids are strongly advised to take turns and not jump at the same time. One bouncer at a time policy should keep you and your family safe.
Lastly, this trampoline features a steel frame which makes it even more durable, rust resistant and great for outdoor use. It also includes galvanized steel tubes and a jumping mat and spring pad made from UV-resistant materials.

This is a durable trampoline, ideal for outdoor or indoor use and it is highly recommended for people who wish to obtain their very first trampoline and want to start small. Check the image next to this paragraph to see its current price. You can also score free shipping on Amazon.

The Bounce Pro 15ft – The flagship of the series

The 15-foot trampoline is the one with the most spectacular features out of the three. It is huge, so it offers plenty of space to bounce and explore your air-dancing abilities. It is extra safe featuring an enclosure to protect young children. Furthermore, it is ideal for families that are fans of trampolines and wish to take their bouncing experience one step further.

This heavy-duty product is very sturdy which means that you can bounce without worrying, but it also includes an electron shooter game. That’s a shooting game, where you shoot at the targets, and there are blasting sounds and countdown. It’s easy to play and can be very addictive if you compete with your family.You can also throw a party and invite your friends or neighbors to play along.

Just like all the bounce pros, this one features galvanized steel frame, so it’s rust resistant.  Due to its great high-quality construction and of course its size, this is a very stable and long-lasting trampoline. Obviously, it features an enclosure to protect your kids, and the bouncing experience is being defined by the excellent materials used for this product. You can jump on it for hours, and you will always want more. You can find or detailed review here. Check the provided picturer (Amazon link) to see how much the Bounce Pro 15ft. Trampoline costs.

The Bounce Pro 14ft – Price, Size and Features Balance

This trampoline is the greatest choice for all the skeptical parents out there who think that the 15 ft one is either too big or too expensive for them and that the 7ft one offers too little. This is the solution to their dilemma since this trampoline is the combination of the previous two. You can find this trampoline with a protective enclosure net and a basketball hoop for endless hours of safe playing with your family.

Your Toy Veteran has to admit he liked this Trampoline so much that he decided to take a closer look and provide you with a much more detailed review here.

Just like the 7ft one, this bounce Pro includes a steel galvanized frame, legs, and springs. Thus it is very durable, sturdy and rust resistant. Furthermore, the springs are covered by the padded protector, and along with the jump mat and ProFlex safety enclosure netting, they are all designed and tested to over double the ASTM recommended UV resistance standards. Ready to provide your little LeBron with the best bouncing experience combined with some extreme dunks? Give it a look on Amazon.


The BouncePro 12ft Review – Affordable, yet spectacular


Another excellent choice for the people who do not have much space available, or want to spend less money for their family trampoline, is the 12 foot one. This Bouncepro trampoline features high-quality materials, a UV-resistant jump mat and of course, long and durable springs. What’s so special about this particular trampoline, is its flashing lights, that are activated by the bouncing motion. This offers unique interactive entertainment for the family, and you are surely going to create some incredible memories while bouncing at night.
The 12-foot Bouncepro exceeds all the safety standards, and of course, it includes an enclosure net. This way your kids are going to be safe and sound inside this well-designed trampoline which promises endless fun. Its assembly process is pretty straightforward and you should pick this one if you want a trampoline you can set up with minimal effort. It’s currently out of stock but we will update this review with a link when it’s available again.

Bounce Pro Trampoline Reviews – Our Conclusion

Finding the most appropriate trampoline according to your family’s needs and expectations can be challenging. However, a splendid choice is one of the Bounce Pro trampolines.

If you ‘ve made your mind about purchasing one of the successful series by sportspower, then picking the right one is a piece of cake. It is strictly up to the space and budget available. Even if you do not want to spend much or you lack room in your house, there are still amazing options for you. On the other hand, if you feel like spending a decent amount of money and you have enough room, you can invest in a spectacular bouncing generator.

The outcome is guaranteed to be just as spectacular. Endless fun with your family, an easy and reviving workout and you can learn new moves and laugh all day long. You can even throw a trampoline party and have your kids invite neighbors and friends to a jumping competition.

If only you have enough imagination, you can have the time of your life!

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