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Are you looking for the greatest way to spice up your everyday life and start spending more time with your family? If there’s one thing that will capture your kids’ attention, that’s a brand new trampoline! Trampolines can provide the family with endless fun, and they can also offer an excellent workout. Let’s not forget that this is also one of the most interesting Olympic sports.

If you’ve been around in the trampoline community for a while, then you have undoubtedly heard of the Sportspower brand. Sportspower has been one of the most acclaimed trampoline retailers for over 15 years, and they are well known for the quality and the unique features of all their products. They are also one of the most reliable companies with excellent feedback coming from the buyers.

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What is Bouncepro 14 by Sportspower?

As its name implies, the Sportspower Bouncepro 14 is a 14-foot trampoline which offers a series of amazing aspects. Sportspower are well-known for the safety of their products (are you with us mom and dad?). More specifically, the bounce pro trampolines are by far safer than most out there in the market. But, that’s not all. The reason this trampoline is more special than others and people prefer it is its extra features.

Specifically, the Bouncepro 14 trampoline includes another toy, to make the whole bouncing experience even more enjoyable. It includes an electron shooter game, which is guaranteed to keep your children occupied for hours. This shoot and score game combined with the whole trampoline jumping experience will please your kids more than you can imagine.

What about the BouncePro 14 ft by Sportspower Trampoline height and weight?

While the manufacturer doesn’t specify what exactly the weight limit is, you can easily have your children bouncing even simultaneously, without worrying. Buyers of this trampoline have reported that the product was very sturdy and that the weight limit didn’t trouble them at all. You should always be careful of course not to overdo it and add too much weight. Your family’s safety is what matters the most. The size of the trampoline is 14 ft, so you have plenty of space to jump around and dance in the air.

What does this trampoline feature? What about its parts?

  • First of all, this trampoline is created with galvanized steel, which makes it very durable and rust-resistant.
  • The frame of the product rests on a six-leg U-shape design, and there is a patented double-steel-plated welding at the joints of the toy so that it is stable and safe for all.
  • Another crucial part you need to know about is the enclosure. The enclosure part exists to protect young jumpers from falling out of the trampoline. For that part, Sportspower uses a 3-arch safety enclosure system that holds the whole thing in place securely and prevents any potential accident.
  • Lastly, the enclosure has a straight zipper with latches to close more firmly.
  • Now, let’s inspect the jumping mats. The mats are supported in the edge by seven rows of stitching, and because of that, the attachment to the strings is stronger and long-lasting.

How much space does the Bouncepro 14 by Sportspower Trampoline need?

Obviously, this is a 14 feet square trampoline, so it’s going to take up plenty of space. However, Bouncepro comes also in another size. You can purchase the bouncepro 14 ft instead of the 14 ft if you wish to save up some space. In any case, you should leave an additional 2 feet space on each side of the trampoline to prevent unpleasant collisions to walls, doors, and existing furniture.


This wonderful feature is what makes BouncePro by Sportspower 14 Trampoline stand out so much. It is the one thing that binds everything together and creates the most unforgettable experience for both children and parents. The jumpers can imitate their favorite superheroes and movie characters and fly in the air while shooting the bad guys. There are three targets around the trampoline and every time the jumper hits a target, the auto-counter will count his score. There are even an audio countdown and blast sounds when scoring that make the game more exciting. The center target is placed in such a way, to ensure that the bouncer remains safely in the center.
The electron shooter is very easy to hold and very light. This is surely going to be quite the show for you, and your little ones are going to try new tricks and moves while having the time of their lives. Don’t forget that this can be a massive workout as well for both kids and adults. Trying to focus on the targets while bouncing can be tricky and that’s how you can increase your focus, your reflexes and of course burn calories.
Note: The batteries for the game, are not included.

Whom is the BouncePro by Sportspower 14 Trampoline NOT for?

This trampoline is a great option for any family that wishes to spend time bouncing creatively. Along with the electron shooter, this toy becomes every child’s wish come true. It can be the perfect gift for any family member at any occasion.
However, this product would not be a good fit at all, for a family that lacks room in the backyard or the basement. This is a huge trampoline of excellent quality, yet if you don’t have enough space for it to be assembled, used, or stored you should probably reconsider your options. Perhaps you could go for a  smaller one, or you could check out other brands and products here on Toy Veteran. We also have a special page containing reviews of all BouncePro Trampolines if you are interested to learn more.

What about the assembly process?

Consumers on Amazon have repeatedly stated that the assembly was incredibly easy. The whole process didn’t trouble them at all, and the installation turned out to be pretty quick. The package includes every tool you may need, like a spring loading tool. However, if you are feeling insecure and you feel like you could use some help, you can ask Amazon to include installation, when purchasing the product. Experts will build the whole thing for you, and you can stand back and watch your new fun generator rising.

What about the warranty?

This trampoline comes with one year warranty, but you should contact the seller if you want more information about specific parts of the trampoline.

Where to buy the BouncePro by sportspower 14 Trampoline? What’s its price?

You can buy the BouncePro by sportspower 14 Trampoline from Amazon. You can see its current price at the image on the right. If you order through Amazon, and if you live in the US, you will most likely have the whole thing shipped to your door for FREE as the price includes free-shipping.

Our Verdict

The bouncepro 14 ft by sportspower trampoline offers way too much for a pretty low price. It has excellent reviews on many sites that sell the product, and content consumers all over the world are talking positively about it. Our opinion? The combination of features this trampoline offers is really hard to find for such a low price. If this is your first trampoline, then it is an outstanding choice. It is big, it is very safe, and it includes an exciting electron shooter game. No matter how old you are, you will surely want to try the electron gun, score points and compete with your family and friends.

The things you can do with this trampoline are countless. You can bounce, dance, shoot, or you can find some exercise routines online. This way you can dodge the gym and build the body of your dreams through this very entertaining experience. So turn up the music and get ready to bounce your way to happiness!

If you also feel that the Bouncepro 14′ Trampoline and Enclosure will be a nice investment to your kid’s entertainment and training, grab it now from Amazon using this link. If you still want to read more reviews you can definitely consult other buyers’ opinions using the same link as well.

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