Has the squeaking sound of your kid’s trampoline been driving you insane? Have you had any neighbors complaining about the noise your child creates when the bouncing time comes? Or was it just an older studying kid or a working person who was trying to concentrate and that irritating trampoline noise has been driving them nuts? If you can relate to any of the above, then keep on reading as you’re about to read everything there’s to know about how to stop a trampoline from squeaking.

Why does my trampoline squeak? What creates that awful sound?

We know that you might be in a little hurry to fix the noise problems of your trampoline, but it’s definitely worth it to shed some light on what’s behind the squeaking sounds it produces. Don’t worry, however! We won’t get too scientific here.

The main causes that create the squeaking are the following two:

  1. A metal part of your trampoline comes in contact with another metal part, thus rubbing against it.
  2. There’s rust that might have appeared on the metal parts of your trampoline, which eventually creates an effect similar to the rubbing we’ve already described. Rust appears if you don’t use your trampoline for long and you store it in humid places like garages.

What do the above mean for you? Simply put, if you can make sure that no metal parts of your trampoline meet each other while your child is bouncing, there will be no noise at all. It’s simple as that.
So, without further ado, let’s see how you can easily do this.

How to Stop a Trampoline from Squeaking; Method No1 (Easy)

how to stop a trampoline from squeaking

If the squeaking noise isn’t that loud, it might be probably due to the appearance of rust, especially if the trampoline was stored in a wet place for long without being used.
To get rid of the culprit follow these easy steps:

  • Spray some rust remover on the springs or joints that have rust on them.
  • Use a brush to make the rust go away easier.
  • Rinse with water and use a towel to make the metal parts dry faster. Let the trampoline dry for a few minutes.
  • Spray some WD40 on the springs and metal joints of the trampoline.
  • Have a kid or jump on the trampoline! You might be laughing now, but by any means, don’t skip this! Then keep on spraying some WD40.
    It’s vital to have someone bounce on the trampoline while you’re spraying the WD40. This will make the springs expand, and thus WD40 will penetrate all parts of the springs and do its magic.
    Hopefully, the above will eliminate the squeaks of your trampoline and allow a quiet bouncing for your kids or you.

Let’s quiet this trampoline for good! Method No2 (Medium)

If the above didn’t make the squeaks go away, or if you’re determined to eradicate any noise that your trampoline makes, proceed to Plan B; “Grease that darn thing.”

While the WD40 method might work for some trampolines, it might not prove that useful for others. Besides, it has a somewhat temporary result, and the squeaks might return after a while.

In that case, to provide a more lasting solution, you should refer to the power of grease for your trampoline. Pick a quality wheel bearing grease for the best results. You can find one for less than 4$ on the Internet.
Our favorite one is the Valvoline Automotive Multi-Purpose Grease

Remove rust to stop a trampoline from squeaking
Rusty springs make cause your trampoline to squeak

Greasing the springs and the metal joints of your trampoline will make almost any noise go away. You will possibly have to unscrew some screws and some joints to allow the grease go everywhere it’s meant to be. Again, you will have to use the help of your kid to do this properly. They will have to jump on the trampoline for a while after you’ve applied the grease to allow it penetrate all springs and joints.

One thing to note here is that you MUST always use protective (i.e., heavy duty) gloves when you’re messing with metal parts. Otherwise, edges from metals, also known as the metal burr, might hurt you.

How do I prevent my trampoline from squeaking in the future?

The above method also applies if you want to make sure that a brand new trampoline stays new and won’t begin squeaking after some use. Just apply some grease during the assembly process of your new trampoline.

How to make your trampoline completely silent; Method No3  (Difficult)

If you really want to go crazy with your kid’s trampoline or if you’re hiding a Bob the Builder inside you, then you will definitely love our third way to get rid of any squeak your trampoline does. Be aware, however! Only people adept at using tools, drills, etc. should go down that road. Otherwise, you might ruin the trampoline or some of its parts. Let’s delve into this, for those who might still want to know a little more on how to silent a trampoline entirely.

This method tackles the problem that most trampoline joints have only a screw to keep them together. What this means is that after a bit time during which you or your kids use the trampoline, the screws on the joints loosen up a bit allowing that metal rubbing we’ve described above. What you can do in that case is to open some additional holes on the joints that will allow you to install bolts (i.e. fasteners)  that will provide more stability for your trampoline and less margin for your screws to loosen.

Wait we are not done just yet!

Your tireless Toy Veteran has found a YouTube video addressing the problem of a squeaking trampoline using the third method described above, and has decided to share it with you. Pay attention. The speaker seems to really know what he’s talking about.


This concludes our guide about how to get rid of any squeaking your trampoline does. We have provided you with three ways to eliminate this disturbing sound and restore the peace in your backyard.
We hope we’ve covered everything there’s to know about how to make your trampoline more silent.

Thank you for your time.
Our wishes for happy and silent bouncing.

If you’ve found our guide helpful, please share it with your friends.

P.S. If, you happen to be lucky enough and haven’t bought a squeaking trampoline yet, you might want to take a look at two undoubtedly silent trampolines:
The Jumpsport 250 Fitness Trampoline. It’s a 100% silent rebounder (i.e. exercise trampoline)

Here’s our review of the Jumpsport Fitness Trampoline Model 250 if you want to inspect the trampoline more carefully.

The 15-foot square Trampoline by Skywalker Trampolines which contains galvanized steel frame and gold-color-coated steel springs which made the whole trampoline rust resistant and thus, squeak resistant.

Here’s your review of the Skywalker 15′ Square Trampoline with Enclosure if you want to find out more.



  1. The squeaking sound happens when dry metal rubs against another bit of dry metal this implies you should be cautious with the joints, which are the fundamental offender for such clamors. Before building the trampoline, get some oil and gently apply on the joints. This will guarantee that no squeaky sounds will exasperate your tranquility later on.

  2. My daughter jumps 2-3 hours per day and her trampoline was very squeaky. I use a product called Fin Super, available on Amazon, which is very easy to apply because it is so good at creeping and penetrating you don’t have to take anything apart. Just spray it on the joints and wait a couple of minutes, and it will creep in everywhere. Really amazing stuff. It also lasts a very long time and is designed to withstand water and friction, so you shouldn’t have to do this more than once. I found a little bit of this stuff goes a long way.

  3. I would like to make a change to method 2.
    WD40 has for years been the answer to squeaks whether it’s a door hinge or trampoline spring. The problem with WD40 is that it evaporates over time.
    I highly recommend an LPS or a rust preventative spray.

  4. I did this today on a 4 year old noisy trampoline- replaced all the joints with 50mm M6 bolts and nylock nuts from Screwfix using a 6mm drill to make the new holes, greased all the joints that I could take apart and then WD-40 in all the other bits I couldn’t get apart while my son was jumping on it and the result was brilliant. No horrible squeaking at all! Thanks for a great tip on behalf of me and the mrs and also the neighbours.


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