Massive, huge, enormous, mammoth; these are only some descriptions you will stumble on should you decide to search the Internet for reviews about the KidKraft 18 inch doll house.  To be more accurate, you might have heard people referring to this dollhouse as “KidKraft Elegant 18″ Doll Manor.” Either way, one thing’s for sure; Merriam Webster’s dictionary is WRONG! KidKraft has made sure this dollhouse is NOT “a child’s small-scale toy house.”

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If you’ve been messing around with dollhouses, play kitchens, train sets, or other classic toys for a while, KidKraft is definitely a brand you have come across. This famous American (Dallas-based) company has been around since 1968, producing toys, furniture, and equipment that has allowed them to establish a huge kid fanbase worldwide.

Today, we will be reviewing one of their most anticipated and sought-after dollhouses; the KidKraft Elegant 18″ Doll Manor. This time, however, Toy Veteran is not alone; we have invited our writer and reviewer, Anna Stone, to assist us in our journey. Besides, who would be a better girl-toy reviewer than a girl? (there are no women, only grown-up girls!).

So, we will be letting Anna take it from here and give you everything there is to know about this KidKraft 18 inch dolls’ house. Enjoy your reading! We know that our review is a bit long, but we decided to cover any possible question you might have. Let’s see how well we did!

A dollhouse? Why should I buy one for my kid?

KidKraft 18 inch doll house
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Aaah! Dollhouses! Every little girl’s dream! C’mon mom! I know you also wanted a house for your dolls as a girl.
Dollhouses are amongst the most popular girl toys, even in the modern, digital world.

This is a relief, given that dollhouses encourage imagination and creative play instead of isolation and violence, compared to video games.

They also teach kids to be more organized as they learn from their very first days that everything should be carefully put in place if you want to have a proper house or room.

Also, the replay value of dollhouses is great. They literally never get old and continue to provide alls sorts of educational skills to younger and older kids; history, architecture, or even culture are only some to mention.

What does the KidKraft 18 inch doll dollhouse have to offer to my kid?

The manufacturer states on their website about the Dollhouse: “The wait time is over!”. Can you guess out why? Of course, you can! It’s the first time they release a dollhouse for 18 inch dolls. What this practically means is that the KidKraft Doll Manor can accommodate any girl’s doll ranging from Barbie size to 18 inches tall dolls. Impressive isn’t it?

Wait! Can the KidKraft 18″ doll house even fit my daughter’s American Girl dolls?

Affirmative! In fact, the dollhouse can fit dolls of any height and brand; Barbie Dolls, American Girl Dolls, even my Generation Dolls.

Is the furniture depicted in the dollhouse photos included in the package?

Yes! The KidKraft 18 inch doll house comes packed with 12 pieces of Jumbo-sized furniture for your daughter’s dolls. The furniture consists of:

  • Two chairs
  • One dining table
  • A Couch
  • A Coffee table
  • A TV stand with an attached TV
  • One Bed
  • A Nightstand
  • A Lamp
  • A Cake (Yes! Yes! A Cake counts as a piece of furniture)
  • A Toilet
  • A Plant

With all the above, your daughter’s dolls will really feel they live in a luxurious manor, and your little girl will have everything she will ever need for a creative playtime at her disposal.

Will my daughter’s dolls fit on the furniture included in the KidKraft Elegant Manor?

Have no doubt about that! The furniture included is large enough to accommodate any doll your kid might want to play with.

Will my child or I have to use glue to stick the artwork on the walls of the KidKraft Elegant Dollhouse?

No! Luckily KidKraft has done all the work for you. Every room included in the package features gorgeous artwork on its walls ranging from lights, bookshelves, and colored bricks to plants and beautiful landscapes.

Relax! No messing with glue here, mom and dad.

Can multiple kids play simultaneously using the KidKraft Elegant Manor?

Yes! The 18″ doll dollhouse by KidKraft is a huge construction, allowing more than one kid to play with it at the same time. In fact, it’s a three leveled doll house with different pieces of furniture on every floor. To put it simply, let your child play with her friends or siblings. There’s plenty of room for everyone.

Besides, dollhouses encourage creativity, coordination and team spirit for kids. These are skills any kid should develop from early on in their lives.

Is there a video? I want to take a closer look at the Elegant 18 Inch Doll Manor by KidKraft

Of course! Toy Veteran has got you covered. After some research and scouring amongst hundreds of KidKraft toys, we’ve managed to find a video showing our Dollhouse in its full splendor.

What’s in for me, the parent, in the KidKraft Elegant 18″ Doll House?

Having scoured the Internet for many hours before writing this review, we managed to gather a variety of questions that any parent who considers buying this huge KidKraft Dollhouse could have. So, let’s tackle them one by one before you decide on your purchase.

How safe is the KidKraft Elegant Manor for my kid?

If you’ve been reading our reviews for a while, or even if you are a newcomer to you probably know that our top priority is to examine how safe a reviewed toy it is for your kid. Let’s delve into the details around the 18″ Doll Manor by KidKraft.

Are there any electrical parts in the KidKraft 18 inch doll house?

The answer is a straightforward “No!” Most parts are made of MDF wood; this means that your kid won’t have any access to cables or electrical sockets.

Does this 18-inch-doll house by KidKraft contain any toxic or other dangerous parts?

No! Neither toxic nor PVC, not any other chemical-based parts are included in the dollhouse. The entire manor is a massive wooden dollhouse including just a few plastic molded parts that pose no threat to your kid’s health.

How sturdy is the KidKraft 18″ doll house?

One thing’s for sure about the KidKraft Doll Manor; It’s certainly NOT another cheap plastic dollhouse.
As stated above, the entire dollhouse is composed of wood which, when combined with the perfect fit of the screws included in the package, creates a really solid construction that will withstand whatever your kid has to throw on it.

One useful tip we’ve read on Amazon regarding the sturdiness of the dollhouse is that you should anchor the top section (i.e. the part behind the top) to the wall to prevent any movement or a possibility of a tip over. Please make sure you follow this suggestion to increase the security of your kid even further.

What are the suggested ages for the KidKraft 18 inch doll house?

The manufacturer claims that this huge doll manor is suitable only for children over 3 years old. The reason is that it contains small parts that pose a choking hazard for younger kids and toddlers.

Also, given the fact that the Dollhouse is a three-leveled building younger or shorter kids might find it a bit difficult to use the top floor. In that case, consider investing in a step stool that will allow your child to reach the top level. Besides, it’s the dolls’ bedroom and favorite balcony. They will surely want to reach that floor, won’t they?

How easy is the assembly process of the KidKraft Doll Manor?

Do you tremble in terror when you hear the assembly word? Believe us, most people do!

One can easily assume that a dollhouse that large should take a whole day to set up. Well, this is not the case with this KidKraft dollhouse. Most people who bought and assembled the toy reported that it took them around 2.5-3 hours to finish the assembly process. Even less tech-savvy people claimed to have completed the setup process in less than 4 hours with the help of a kid or a husband/wife. And then some geniuses finished it in about an hour’s time…It all depends on how adept someone is at playing with mechanical and wooden parts.

PRO TIP: Make sure you put the furniture pieces together first. Most people online argue that the assembly will be easier if you finish with them first and then move on to the Dollhouse itself.

How about the assembly instructions of the KidKraft Elegant Manor? What about the tools required?

One field that KidKraft excels is the instructions which their products include. That’s 100% accurate with their mammoth dollhouse as well. At first, the fact that the instructions do not include text might seem a bit confusing or scary. There is good news, however! The instructions are divided into steps to ease your way. (Link included at the bottom of the article)

Did we mention that all screws are color – coded which further simplifies things? If not, let’s put it more simply. At no point during the assembly process will you be left thinking “what goes where.” All screws and tools are included in the dollhouse package so you may begin constructing the house right away.

What are the dimensions of the assembled KidKraft Elegant Doll Manor?

You already know that this is a huge dollhouse. Don’t you? Its dimensions are 47.7 inches in length, 19.5 inches in width and it’s  65.5 inches high.

To give you a better idea, the dollhouse is a little taller than a 6 ft tall Christmas tree, and about as wide as a dresser. So, before making your purchase, make sure that your daughter’s room has enough space to accommodate the Elegant Doll Manor. Otherwise, the room might seem a bit cramped and overwhelming for your kid, and that’s definitely not a good thing!

For how long will my daughter continue to play with her KidKraft dollhouse?

The replay value of this dollhouse is just unrivaled. Judging from many reviews we have found online, most parents report that their kids continue to play with their dollhouse even after they reach the age of 8. What this practically means is that your daughter will have a great time playing with the Elegant Dollhouse for about 5 or 6 years should you decide to buy it when she’s 3 yrs. old.

Besides, if you’ve followed along the entire review, you should know by now that the dollhouse is built using top-notch quality materials that will practically make it last for decades. This makes the KidKraft 18″ dollhouse a heavy-duty toy, and an even greater and safer investment to your kid’s entertainment.

Are there any additional costs involved in the KidKraft Elegant Manor?

No! Given that all tools, screws, and all furniture pieces are included, there’s nothing left out of the box. What that practically means for you is that no additional costs will ever occur for you, the parent.

I need to tidy/rearrange my kid’s room. Is the KidKraft 18 inch doll house movable?

As kids grow older and many changes happen to their lives, some things might also need a bit of readjustment in their rooms. This might be the case with a dollhouse as well. Do not worry, though!

Despite being a massive construction, this dollhouse can be easily moved by two people without falling apart and without any difficulty.

My kid lost/broke some parts of the dollhouse. What can I do?

KidKraft is very famous for their after sales services. So, if you happen to find any damaged or missing parts during the shipping or if your kid breaks anything, later on, do not worry at all! KidKraft will send the missing parts to you. Mind our words, though! All the parts of the dollhouse are almost impossible to damage or break. So, you will probably not need anything from the above.

Where can I buy the KidKraft 18 inch doll house?

You can buy the KidKraft Elegant 18″ Doll Manor straight from the official KidKraft website where it retails at around 300$. We advise you, however, to take a look at the product page on Amazon as well to see if you can profit from a better deal.

If you decide to purchase the dollhouse from Amazon, you might consider adding a gift wrapping to your order if you plan to make an unforgettable surprise gift to your little girl. You don’t want any labels or pictures to spoil the moment, do you?

You can use the image to the right to check the current price of the dollhouse on Amazon.

The packaged dollhouse will be around 49″ x 23.75″x 10.25″ and it weighs 81lbs so make sure you have a pair of strong hands to assist you. In other words, dad get ready for some help!

Our Verdict

This sums up our review about the first KidKraft dollhouse for 18 inch dolls. We hope we’ve covered everything you will ever want to know about this fantastic toy.
“Enormous, sturdy, durable, colorful.” We believe the above sum it up for the KidKraft Elegant 18″ Doll Manor, making it the profound choice should you decide to invest in a dollhouse for your daughter’s fun and entertainment. If you are on the same page, then wait no more. Grab it right now using the following link to the Dollhouse page on Amazon. You can also find additional reviews from parents who have already bought this excellent toy.

Thank you for your time! We hope you’ ve liked the review. If you have any questions or comments about the KidKraft 18 inch Doll House, feel free to comment below.

KidKraft Elegant Manor Assembly Instructions

Here’s also our KidKraft 18 inch doll house video review on YouTube:

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