Imagine the following scenario: A brand-new trampoline arrives at your house. Your kid knows nothing about your plans. You stay up late to assemble it while your precious child sleeps. The assembly process is a piece of cake, and your child’s first trampoline is quickly set up. Your kid wakes up the next morning and sees, full of excitement, his or her trampoline standing right in front of them, ready to offer massive hours of fun. Now that we surely got your attention let’s examine what “My first trampoline with enclosure – 84” has to offer to you and your kid.

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If you’ve ever taken your child or children to a playground having a jumper trampoline, you might have noticed how happy they are while they are bouncing on it. You might have also heard about the benefits of trampoline exercise, and even if you haven’t, you have probably stumbled on the “energy burning activities” term. Why not combine these advantages with fun by buying a trampoline for your beloved one? Besides, almost every kid has dreamt of having a trampoline in their house. Haven’t you when you were a child as well?

My first trampoline with enclosure is an 84-inch sized trampoline by Sportspower. As you are about to read, this trampoline is the perfect way for your kid to bounce into the joyful world of trampoline jumping. So, if you are in search of the best trampoline for your toddler or kid, please keep on reading this article which will make you decide if this trampoline is worth your money or not. But first…

A trampoline? Why should I buy one for my child? Is it really worth it?

My first trampoline with enclosure - 84
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If these questions have been torturing your mind, allow us to shed some light on the situation.

Apart from being an excellent way to exercise, trampolines offer tons of fun hours for children, and adults as well. Also, installing a trampoline indoors, or in your basement or garage, guarantees that your kids won’t ever be bored during winter days.

Furthermore, a trampoline could inspire a child to become more active and stay out of the way of video games and the TV, which are two of the main reasons for child obesity.

Also, which parent wouldn’t prefer their couch-bouncer kids to play in a more proper and safer place like a trampoline instead of running and jumping in their living room?

Last but not least, a trampoline might prove to be an inexpensive and safe way to entertain your kid. Yes! These two can be combined should you purchase the right trampoline.

So, does my 1st trampoline with enclosure fulfill the above criteria? Let’s find out!

Is “ My first trampoline with enclosure – 84 “ safe for my child?

If the main reason for avoiding to buy a trampoline for your child has been their safety, my first trampoline from Sportspower will definitely change the way you look at trampolines.The manufacturers of this fantastic trampoline have over-delivered in producing a reliable, and safe product which allows children to play safely and their parents to stay worry-free. Let’s elaborate a bit on this:

  1. The trampoline is padded extremely well. To put it simply, there are no exposed metal parts at all, and all hard surfaces are covered with protective foam to ensure your kid stays protected. This has been one of the most frequent comments found in buyer reviews. You can take a look here if you want to read more raving reviews about this trampoline.
  2. The manufacturers of the trampoline state that it consists of a heavy-duty galvanized steel frame and strong blow-molded legs. What this means for you (and your pocket) is that this trampoline is a well-built, sturdy product that will last for long before giving in to time and weather. The quality of the materials also used guarantees that once set up, the trampoline will be stable and won’t flip upside down.
  3. This trampoline contains an enclosure. Simply put, the net enclosure makes sure that your children won’t risk bouncing onto the floor or into a wall.

Which is the weight limit of my first trampoline – 84″?

The manufacturers state that the weight of the children playing on the trampoline should not exceed 100lbs (that is about 45kg). This makes it an ideal trampoline for children aged 3 to 10. We can’t stress enough that you should always adhere to these weight limitations to make sure your kid has a safe playtime.

Is my 1st trampoline easy to assemble?

The answer here is a straightforward “YES!”

The assembly process will not be much of a challenge for anyone. Even people without any experience will be able to set up the trampoline in about 1 or 2 hours.

How many people are needed to assemble the trampoline?

Most people will be able to install the trampoline by themselves in about two hours or less. However, having a child or a partner to help makes the process even faster and more fun. Please also note that a pair of relatively strong hands will be needed to load the very last of the springs, but this should not be a problem for most adults.

What about the setup instructions of my first trampoline?

Most buyers state that the assembly process took them about an hour to assemble the entire trampoline thanks to the well-written instructions and images included.

Do I need any additional equipment to make the trampoline functional?

NO! The package of trampoline includes, apart from the trampoline itself and its enclosure net, all the springs required to assemble it, as well as the necessary spring-loading tool that will make the loading of the springs a simple process.

What about the replacement parts of my first trampoline?

“I am afraid that my child will destroy the trampoline sooner or later. What will I do then?” Relax! Sportspower allows you to buy most replacement parts separately. So, if what’s holding you back from buying the trampoline is the availability of any replacement net (aka enclosure replacement), replacement springs, or replacement mat and pat, then worry not! Just visit Amazon or Sam’s club store near you and buy the replacement parts your kid’s first trampoline will ever need.

Is my 1st trampoline movable?

What happens if you want to mow the lawn below the trampoline? What if winter comes and your child still wants to play with his or her trampoline? Can the trampoline be disassembled easily and moved to another place in your house, garage, or basement?

Given the fact that this trampoline is very easy to assemble,  you shouldn’t have any problems moving it swiftly from indoors to outdoors or vice-versa. Just make sure that you don’t lose the spring-loading tool that is provided. Otherwise, the moving process would be impossible.


What didn’t Sportspower tell you about their trampoline?

While scouring the Web to find what actual purchasers say about the trampoline we stumbled on some features we thought we should include in our review. Let’s examine them:

  1. My first trampoline includes a zipper that can be locked from outside, adding more safety for younger kids.
  2. What about the space below the trampoline? This trampoline has a relatively low height off the ground (about 12″) which makes it a lot safer than the larger outdoor models which might be too bouncy for kids. This low-height also allows older children to get in and out of the trampoline without any risk of falling.
  3. Also, all the springs that exist in the trampoline are out of your child’s reach. This way, your kid doesn’t face any risk of having their hand or foot messing with the springs of the trampoline.  While for some people this is a no-brainer, we thought we should include this information to reassure you about the safety of the product.


Whom is my 1st trampoline with enclosure 84″ suitable for?

This well-crafted trampoline should be perfect as a starter trampoline for small children. There are some things you should be aware of before deciding on the purchase of this product, however. Let’s look into them:

The 7 feet surface and the 100lbs weight limit should prove more than sufficient for a child to jump around comfortably. If your kid is an expert in trampoline jumping, however, you might need to look for a larger, outdoor trampoline.

How many children can play simultaneously on the trampoline?

Reading the reviews on Amazon, you can find out that even if this trampoline is made for one kid, two younger kids can bounce on it simultaneously without any problems.

The assembled size of the trampoline is about 7ft wide which makes it an excellent addition to a small backyard or a garage if you lack the space to accommodate a larger trampoline. To give you a better idea of how large this trampoline is, let’s say it would easily fit on a small patio or even inside a normal-sized, one-car garage door.

The manufacturers of the trampoline claim that their product is rain and sun resistant. This means that you could use it both indoors and outdoors. However, if you live in a very hot area, or in a very wet area, you should avoid excessive exposure of the trampoline to extreme weather conditions. Our apologies here, Texas, Seattle, and Washington friends but there have been a small number of people living in wet or hot regions who have complained that some of the materials of the trampolines began to wear out after being exposed to extreme conditions for long. For the rest of us, there should be no problem using this great trampoline outdoors, thanks to its UV-resistant, durable materials.

Where can I buy My First trampoline with enclosure?

You can buy this wonderful trampoline from the Amazon website and make good use of the free shipping that most sellers provide to you.
Take a look at the following image for the current price of the trampoline. ( Your Toy Veteran will earn a commission should you purchase through his link)

Our Verdict


If you are looking for an inexpensive yet safe starter trampoline for your kid, then do not search anymore. My first trampoline with enclosure – 84″ will be the undisputed winner amongst any other trampoline of this caliber. Crafted with your child’s safety in mind the trampoline ensures that it will offer not only fun for the younger ones but also fewer worries for you.

If you also think this trampoline is for you, click here to grab it from the Amazon website and join the 139 satisfied customers (as of writing this review). It comes with free shipping and a 1-year mat and steel frame guarantee from the manufacturer.



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  1. Safety enclosure uses a 3 arch design to provide extra strength to keep your child safety inside the jumping area The PE netting helps keeps your child safely on the trampoline and permits parents with unrestricted visibility of the play area


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