Are you way past beyond a need for a starter trampoline for your kid? Have you been searching for the best trampoline to take your or your kid’s trampoline bouncing to a whole new level? Have you just been on the prowl for a top-rated trampoline and reading reviews for hours on Amazon or other websites?  If the answer to any of the above questions is a yes, or if you’ve just landed here searching for the best rectangle trampoline, get ready to meet the Skywalker 15 foot Rectangle Trampoline with enclosure combo.

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If you’ve been messing with trampolines for a while, you’ve probably stumbled on products made by Skywalker Trampolines. For those who don’t know anything about this brand, it should suffice to know that Skywalker has been one of the most respected and searched for trampoline manufacturers since 2004 when they first started producing trampolines and outdoor activity products. Their main focus, according to their official web page has been to combine safety with fun to promote an active way of life for children and adults. One thing that really surprised us while scouring the Internet to know everything there’s to know about this firm is that their products meet or exceed all ASTM Safety Standards. This is not something you usually encounter when searching for kids toys. Take our word on this!

The purpose of this review is to examine if one of the most sought-after trampolines, Skywalker 15’ Rectangle Trampoline, lives up to the hype around it. Given that this is meant to be an in-depth review, we divided it into 5 parts to make it more readable. We suggest making sure you read it in its entirety to find out if this trampoline meets your criteria 100% before giving it a shot.

Skywalker 15 foot Rectangle Trampoline – Why a Trampoline? Why Skywalker? Why rectangle?

Skywalker 15 foot Rectangle Trampoline

The answers to the first two questions are pretty obvious:
•    A trampoline is a perfect gift for parents who want to promote a healthy lifestyle for their children and keep them away from video games, constant chatting, and of course, obesity.
•    Skywalker is a reputable trampoline manufacturer that guarantees that your kid’s trampoline is safe and provides an excellent user experience. So, “Why Rectangle?” remains to be answered.

Rectangle VS Round Trampolines

If the first word that comes to your mind when you hear the word trampoline is merely a small round bouncy surface providing a little bounce, let’s help you reconsider things. The rectangular 15-feet-wide Trampoline by Skywalker provides much greater bounce than any standard round trampoline. The reason is that the rectangular shape allows more springs to be placed where more support is needed (i.e. the middle of the trampoline) to provide more boost. Simply put, a rectangle trampoline provides more lift compared to almost any round trampoline.

Who is the Skywalker 15-feet Rectangle Trampoline suitable for?

One thing is for sure; this trampoline isn’t the usual starter trampoline that only kids can enjoy. In fact, it’s a trampoline that can offer tons of fun hours for almost everyone. Let’s see why!

What is the Skywalker 15′ Trampoline weight limit?

The manufacturer states that the weight limit of their trampoline is 250lbs. This is more than enough for anyone who wants to exercise on this trampoline. Also, even if Skywalker suggests that only one person  (aged 6+ ) should use the trampoline at a time, we’ve read reviews claiming that even 4 or 5 kids were able to play simultaneously.

How large is the mat size of the Skywalker 15 foot Rectangle Trampoline?

This trampoline offers a mat size of about 7.75′ x 13.75′ long. Such a great space can only provide enough room fo all sorts of amazing flips, backflips, full layouts, and even double back tucks. Impressive, isn’t it?

Is this trampoline suitable for gymnasts?

The answer here is a straightforward “Yes!”. Skywalker uses 76 traditional coil springs that combined with the rectangular shape of the trampoline provide more bounce than round trampolines. Even more surprising is the fact that there are 16 different, extra strong springs that offer enhanced support and lift where it’s needed most.

What does the 15-feet Skywalker trampoline have to offer to the parent?

This trampoline is a top-notch product when it comes to children’s safety. This fact alone could make many parents choose this trampoline instead of its rivals. As we are about to discuss the aspects around the security of this trampoline in the next paragraph, let’s focus now on some other features that Skywalker 15′ has to offer to you, the parent.

  • This Skywalker trampoline consists of 4 very thick steel legs and a frame made of galvanized steel that create a very sturdy and durable construction that can withstand even the most aggressive bouncing and play.
  • All materials used to create the Skywalker 15 foot Rectangle Trampoline are top-quality. Simply put, every metal part is made of steel, and all jumping surfaces, as well as the enclosure net, are made of UV-resistant materials. All the above combined, result in a weather-and-rust resistant trampoline that after many years will look like it’s a brand-new one.
  • Top quality customer service! PERIOD. The staff in Skywalker Trampolines can assist you in any issue that might occur with your trampoline during the assembly process or later. Skywalker also offers replacement parts for your Skywalker 15 foot Rectangle Trampoline in case something is lost or damaged (e.g. replacement net or springs). If this is not a sound investment for many years to come, what is?

Ultimately, the Skywalker 15 Rectangle Trampoline has to provide tons of fun hours for the entire family, even for the elders.

How easy is the assembly process of this Skywalker 15 foot trampoline?

One thing that keeps parents away from buying a trampoline as a gift for their kids is the seemingly complicated assembly process. This is not the case with this trampoline.

  • Skywalker uses galvanized steel sockets (also called T-Sockets) that make the installation process a no-brainer. You just have to clip the parts of the trampoline on the sockets. Speaking of T-Sockets, it’s also necessary to say that they also make the whole trampoline more solid and given the fact that they are made of galvanized steel you can expect them to last dramatically long.
  • Skywalker Trampolines have also included an excellent spring pulling tool that will surely come in very handy and further ease the assembly of the toy. Can you imagine yourself having to pull 76 springs using your bare hands? Ouch!
  • Taking all the above into consideration, you should expect the setup to last about 3 hours more or less for one person. However, having a pair of helping hands to assist you (for sorting the parts mainly) should double up the speed, reduce the necessary time, and make the process more fun.

How safe is the Skywalker 15′ trampoline for my kid?

Let’s set this straight right from the start; Skywalker has made everything possible to provide you with a trampoline that meets all the necessary safety criteria for your kid. In fact, some aspects of this trampoline are only met in trampolines designed for professional athletes. Let’s look into each one of them separately:

  • All the springs that the trampoline contains are covered and out of the reach of the bouncer. Simply put, your kid won’t have any access to them as they remain outside the enclosure net. This placement ensures that no pinches or any serious injuries occur to children’s toes and fingers.
  • The pad of the Skywalker 15 foot Rectangle Trampoline is made of UV-rated PVC material that allows your kid to climb on and off the trampoline not only in a comfortable way but also safe. To put it simply, your child won’t risk sliding while coming off the trampoline.
  • The trampoline includes a padded enclosure system. What this means is that foam is placed around the poles of the trampoline to add even more protection in case of a collision.  Additionally, contrary to most other trampolines, no curves (i.e. troughs) are created on the enclosure net. This is due to a little bending that each pole has on its top which further increases net tension and keeps the poles of the trampoline away from the enclosure, minimizing the risk of serious collisions.
  • Last but not least, the trampoline enclosure includes a dual-zipper system which, apart from increasing the net tension around the entire trampoline,  can be used to lock the kids inside the trampoline to ensure they stay safe during their play.

What are some things that Skywalker Trampolines didn’t tell you?

  1. As with the majority of trampolines, you can install it under the ground, even if the manufacturer doesn’t state this feature explicitly. You will have to prepare yourself for some serious digging, however, as you will need to dig a hole big enough to accommodate the trampoline.
  2. The Skywalker 15 foot Rectangle Trampoline doesn’t come with a ladder. You can always buy one separately if you want to help any younger kids to climb in and out of the trampoline alone, but if you want our advice, a simple two-step footstool could do the work easily. You see, the 39″ height from the ground to the launch pad shouldn’t justify the additional expenditure, but all in all, it’s you who decides.
  3. The dimensions of the frame of this rectangular trampoline are 15′ X 9′.  However, you should allow about 4 feet more space on all sides of the trampoline. The reason is that you should ensure that no one is falling into a wall or frame in a case of a crazy bounce. So, to provide an even safer play time you should expect to sacrifice an area of 13′ x 19′ to place your trampoline.
  4. “Not all yards are flat. Some of them have an incline!” “Wow! What a discovery from Toy Veteran!” you might be thinking. Surely, you didn’t need Skywalker or this review to tell you this. What you might need, however, to know is that even if your yard has a small incline, you won’t have any problems using this trampoline. You will just need to dig some trenches ( a small ditch should suffice) to increase stability. You can also use a base of stone or a place a bit of cement in the ditches to make the legs even more stable.
  5. This trampoline is not foldable. So, if you want to store it in your garage during the winter, you will have to disassemble it first. Why would you want that, though? This Skywalker trampoline can withstand even the harshest weather conditions. Don’t you believe us? We are pretty sure you can find reviews from people in Boston and Colorado on Amazon (we did this!) that mention that this trampoline withstood heavy snow. Also, another reviewer from Mexico wrote that the trampoline acted like it was a brand-new one, even after being exposed to over 50 degrees every day. Aren’t you convinced yet?

Where can I buy the Skywalker 15 foot Rectangle Trampoline? What is the best price?

This professionally designed rectangular trampoline usually retails at around $830 on the official Skywalker website. You should check the picture appearing on the right to see how much the 15-feet model currently costs on Amazon and on other Amazon affiliates. Some of the retailers, including Amazon, offer free shipping.

What can I expect on the arrival of the Skywalker 15ft trampoline?

The trampoline usually comes in 2-3 boxes. They are pretty heavy, and you might even need a bit of help. This is mainly due to the steel that most parts of the trampoline are made of. Mark our words, however. The additional sturdiness and stability of the trampoline make up for these heavy boxes.

One final thing to note is that all boxes that contain the trampoline come with a “Trampoline” description on them. So, if you plan to make a surprise gift for your children, please make sure you also buy a gift wrapping from Amazon to minimize the risk of your surprise getting spoiled.

Our Verdict

This sums up our length review on the Skywalker 15 feet rectangle trampoline. We really think we covered everything you should know about this fantastic trampoline to help you decide on your purchase.

Skywalker Trampolines has created a product of top-notch quality focusing not only on safety but also on fun for kids, parents, even professional athletes. If you feel that the Skywalker 15 foot Rectangle Trampoline is the best trampoline for your kid, click this link to grab it from Amazon.  You can also give it a closer look and read reviews by hundreds of satisfied customers using the provided link.

Thank you for reading!

P.S. Feel free to share your thoughts by commenting  below if you decide to purchase the Skywalker 15 ft Rectangle Trampoline.

P.S.2 Skywalker also has a 15-foot square trampoline for you. You can read our Skywalker square trampoline review if you’d like.

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