Have you been searching for a trampoline for your family or kids? Have you taken your child to a playground that included a trampoline, he or she had a really great time, and you know want to buy them a trampoline as a gift? Or are you just searching for a trampoline that is famous for its safety or even its large mat surface? If the answer to any of the above questions is affirmative, then you are in the right place. What we will be reviewing here is the Skywalker 15′ square trampoline. We will try to cover anything you should know before deciding if this is the trampoline you should get or not.

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You’ve probably stumbled on Skywalker Trampolines if you’ve been messing with trampolines for a while, but for those who haven’t let’s mention just a few facts about them. Skywalker has been around since 2004, being popular for their top quality trampolines and outdoor play equipment. Someone could suspect that a reason for the popularity of Skywalker is their “safety comes first” policy, but this is only half the truth. Skywalker Trampolines are also recognized for the tons of fun their products provide to kids and adults, as well as their durability.

The 15-foot square trampoline with enclosure combo is another member of the Skywalker family. Let’s see if it has inherited the characteristics that justify all the hype around Skywalker or not. We will try not to exhaust you with all the features of the trampoline, besides you can find them all on its page on Amazon. We will try, instead, to focus on the benefits that this 15-footer has to provide to you and your kid. But first…

Why should I buy a trampoline for my kid?

Skywalker 15' square trampoline with enclosure
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You should probably know the answer to this question, and you can skip this paragraph, but in case you’re still wondering, please take a look at the following list featuring some benefits of trampoline bouncing:

  • It’s safe. A trampoline with an enclosure net guarantees that your kid won’t risk falling to the ground or into a wall
  • It’s a way to promote a healthy and active way of life. Instead of buying a console or PC games for your child you can choose a trampoline to introduce them to the world of exercising.
  • Your kid’s friends will love it as well. Imagine having a party in your backyard which contains a trampoline; it will surely be the clue-of-the-night.
  • It’s fun. C’mon! Anyone who has bounced on a trampoline at least once in their lives may attest that it’s a very pleasant experience.
  • It’s not a gift only for your kids. You can also use it to exercise or to have a great family play time as well.

Who is the Skywalker 15′ square trampoline suitable for?

This trampoline has a very large jumping surface of 176.9 Sq. Ft (i.e. square feet). To give you a rough idea of how larger is this trampoline than its round equivalent (the 15ft. round Skywalker trampoline), let’s say that the round one offers a jumping surface of 143 Sq. Ft whereas the rectangle version of the same trampoline offers a jumping surface of 106 Sq. Ft.

Such a great jumping surface can be found only in the 17-feet oval trampoline from Skywalker. It is still smaller, though, as even this much larger trampoline provides a jumping surface of 172.8 Sq.Ft.

Simply put, this trampoline is ideal for those who need a gigantic trampoline to practice on. Professional athletes included.

What is the weight capacity of the 15 Ft. square Trampoline by Skywalker?

According to the manufacturer, this trampoline has a weight limit of 250 lbs. What this practically means is that it can accommodate 2 or 3 kids simultaneously. More importantly, this means that even adults will be able to play without any problems on the trampoline.

Do you leave in a hot area? In a cold area, perhaps? No problem! Skywalker is unbeatable!

The materials used to create this trampoline are 100% sun and weather resistant. What this means for you is that you can leave your Skywalker trampoline outside during the whole year without worrying neither for the heat of the hotter months nor the rain of the colder ones. While doing our research around Skywalker Trampolines, we found many reviews supporting the above statement; if reviewers from Mexico and Boston don’t convince you, what will? Check this link for more reviews about the trampoline on Amazon.

How about the bounce of the trampoline? Is it high enough?

Skywalker Trampolines use traditional steel coil springs. This kind of springs ensures that your trampoline will provide more lift compared to trampolines that use other springs. In the 15ft. square version of the trampoline there are 96 springs 7.64” long that will satisfy even professional bouncers. Furthermore, the shape of the trampoline guarantees that it will provide more lift compared to the round ones; the reason is that in rectangular and square trampolines the springs are closer to where more boost is required (i.e. the center of the trampoline). Thus, a square trampoline is way more bouncy than a round one.

Parent Talk – What should I know about this trampoline?

In this section, we will be answering some of the most common questions a parent could have about the 15ft square trampoline by Skywalker. Emphasis is given to trampoline safety, trampoline accessories, trampoline materials, and of course assembly process. Let’s delve into them!

Is the 15ft. Skywalker square trampoline safe for my child?

One of the reasons, perhaps the most prevalent one, which keeps parents away from buying a trampoline for their kid or kids is the misconception that bouncing on trampolines can be somewhat unsafe. While to some extent, their fears are justified, (images of kids falling off trampolines, children’s toes and fingers being pinched by springs appear), this is really not the case with this trampoline.

  • Trampolines made by Skywalker meet all Safety Standards by ASTM. What this practically means is that the trampoline will behave optimally no matter how much your kid weighs, provided it’s under 250lbs.
  • Also, the trampoline includes a safety enclosure net which ensures that no one falls off the trampoline or jumps into a wall. The safety net contains a dual zipper which can be used to “lock” the trampoline from the outside. Do you get our point here? Safety for the kid equals peace of mind for you, the parent.
  • “What about the springs? I don’t want my child messing with any springs” you might be thinking. If that’s the case, then do not worry at all! Skywalker has got you covered. In fact, what Skywalker has covered is all the springs that their trampoline includes. Using a thick UV-Resistant Spring pad and keeping the springs of the trampoline outside of the enclosure net, one thing is for sure; Your kid won’t have any spring access during their play or while they climb on or off the trampoline.
  • Last but not least, all the poles of the trampoline are padded with protective foam to minimize the risk of injury in a case of a collision.


Does the 15 feet round Skywalker trampoline come with a ladder?

No! This model doesn’t include a ladder. However, its frame height is only 39” off the ground. This means that most kids won’t face any trouble getting in or out of the trampoline. If you want to equip your trampoline with a ladder, the manufacturer sells one separately. You might also place a step stool near the entrance of the trampoline to provide the smaller kids with some boost as a workaround.

How sturdy is the Skywalker 15ft. square trampoline? Will it wear away quickly?

The frame of the trampoline is made of Galvanized steel which prolongs the lifespan of the toy for dramatically long. Also, the UV-and-Water-resistant materials used for the mat, the enclosure, and all other parts of the trampoline guarantee that this trampoline is a sound investment for your kid’s entertainment. Simply put, the trampoline will look as if it was brand-new for many years.

Is this trampoline easy to assemble?

YES! Skywalker has put a lot of effort to provide you with a trampoline that can be easily assembled. Their product uses steel T-Sockets that serve as joints where you just clip the trampoline parts, and the trampoline is set up. Also, the package of the trampoline contains a spring pulling tool that makes the process of placing the springs even easier.
So, you should expect no more than 2.5 hours to be needed if you want to assemble the trampoline on your own. If you can get a pair of helping hands, however, to assist you during the assembly process, you can set it up even quicker and more fun.


Whom is the Skywalker 15′ square trampoline not suitable for?


No matter how hard we tried to find a flaw on this trampoline, we really couldn’t find anything worth mentioning. Perhaps, we could mention that this trampoline is not foldable or easily moved. So, if you’d want to store it in your basement or garage during winter (why would you want this? It’s weather resistant, remember?), you should disassemble it first. The same would apply if you wanted to move the trampoline to mow the lawn below it. Don’t worry, however! The disassembly process of this Skywalker Trampoline is a piece of cake.


Where can I buy the 15ft square Skywalker trampoline? How much does it cost?


This wonderful trampoline can be found at many online and offline stores. It normally retails at around $929 at the official Skywalker Trampolines website. However, you should take a look on the Amazon website to see if you can find it at a better price.
You should expect the trampoline to arrive at around 10 days after the order, in 2 or 3 boxes with a trampoline description written on them.

So, if you’re planning to buy it as a surprise gift for your children, please make sure you also purchase a gift wrap, should you choose Amazon for your purchase.




This sums up our review about the Skywalker 15′ square trampoline. Skywalker trampolines focus on creating safe trampolines for kids and adults without neglecting the fun parts of trampoline bouncing. In our opinion, their 15ft square trampoline lives up to the hype providing bouncers of all ages with more than enough jumping surface, safety, and bounce. If you feel that this could be the trampoline that your kid would enjoy, grab it right now, using this link from Amazon. If you aren’t convinced yet, you can use the above link to read reviews from genuine buyers to help you decide.

Thank you for your reading. Our wishes for a happy family bouncing time!

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