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trampoline for health benefits
Trampolining improves health, joy, immune system, and more!
  • Will jumping on a trampoline help me lose weight?
  • How many calories do you burn from jumping on a trampoline?
  • Can rebounding help me get rid of cellulite?
  • Does trampolining prevent illnesses from occurring to me?

If the above questions have been torturing your mind, then you’ve come to the right place.
What you’re about to read is our definitive list of the benefits of trampolining for your health.
We promise not to dazzle you with too much science. Our mission is to keep things simple so that we inspire you to begin rebounding. Why? Because…

Rebounding is the most effective exercise (NASA Copyright)
Enjoy your reading!

 How does rebounding work? 

Rebounding (i.e., exercising using a trampoline or a mini-trampoline, also called rebounder) relies on the repetitive bouncing on a trampoline. But it’s not mere jumping that takes place here! Let’s try to explain the process step by step!

  1. Your body accelerates as you bounce upwards.
  2. Pause of movement for a split-second when you reach the top of your jump.
  3. A downward acceleration (also known as deceleration) occurs as a result of gravity. This acceleration happens at an increasing G-force which can attain the amount of 4G.
  4.  Impact to the trampoline and then back to Step 1.

Whether you believe it or not, this simple sequence can stimulate all the 37 trillions of cells of your body providing you with incredible health advantages.

In fact, most people that learn about rebounding for the first time really wonder why they hadn’t got into it earlier.

Now that you know how a jumping on a trampoline works we are ready to tackle our main subject; How to use a trampoline for health improvement.

 Using a Trampoline for Fitness Purposes – what do I get? 

The effects that rebounding has for general fitness are somewhat profound for most people, but it doesn’t hurt to provide a quick reminder, does it?

 How does trampolining improve my fitness levels? 

Jumping on a trampoline or rebounder is one of the easiest ways to improve your cardiovascular fitness.

Rebounding increases your heart rate and breath rate during your exercise sessions. This provides a tremendous stamina boost for your daily needs. Similar results can be achieved through aerobic exercise, jogging, and running.

There’s a slight difference when it comes to using a trampoline, however; compared to other ways of exercising, it’s a low-impact workout. This means that no risks of severe damages like bone, knee, and ankle injuries are involved.

 How many calories do you burn while trampolining and rebounding? 

using a trampoline for weight loss
Ready to get lean and lose some pounds? Start rebounding!

Aaaaah! The million dollar question! Are you one of those who landed on this article because of this? Let’s try to answer. Be aware, though, that the number of calories burned depends on many factors including the weight, height, age, and of course the intensity of the bouncing process.

Jumping on a trampoline is slightly different from jumping on a mini trampoline, called rebounding as the frequency and the intensity of bouncing are also different.

  • Studies have shown that a 30-minute workout using a trampoline would result in a  126-calories consumption  for an individual that weighs 150 pounds.
  • The same training would cause a 200-pound person to  burn 167 calories  in half an hour of training. Thus an hour of trampolining would make them burn 252 and 334 respectively.

As for rebounding, the number of calories burned is a bit higher. Exercise intensity. Remember?

So, rebounding would allow a 150-pound weighted person to burn around 159 calories during half an hour of exercise and a 200-pound heavy person to burn 213 calories on average.

Impressive numbers, aren’t they?

 Does using a trampoline help me get rid of my cellulite? 

Another viral question among the newcomers to the world of trampolines. And the answer is a straightforward “Yes!” In fact, trampolining is one of the best ways to fight cellulite.

During your bouncing, the thyroid gland is stimulated which consequently leads to less fat and cellulite.
“Whoa! Whoa! I didn’t understand a word” you might be thinking.

Let’s try to elaborate a bit on this so that you understand how trampolining can help you get rid of your cellulite problems.

rebounding for cellulite loss
Body and skin to be proud of!

As you perform repetitive bounces on your trampoline, the thyroid gets awakened and begins cleansing itself and the entire lymphatic system of any stored fat. This consequently leads to cellulite elimination from the inside. Voila!

Training on a trampoline is not mere calorie burning.

If your dream is to have a lean and beautiful body, then you should consider starting using a trampoline for your daily training regime.

Apart from the cellulite-loss and calorie-burning properties that are involved in it, trampolining helps you reduce fat and increase your muscle to fat ratio.

Not just anywhere on your body, however. The mainly affected areas are your legs, thighs, abs, hips, and even arms. Well, if toning these areas wouldn’t make you feel proud of your body, we don’t know what would!

 What other benefits does trampolining have for my body? 

 Trampolining strengthens your bones and muscles! 

Apart from the profound advantages that we’ve described above, regular trampoline exercise has a lot to

jumping on a trampoline can improve your skeletal health
Improve bone density and skeletal health with a trampoline

offer to your muscles, bones, and your entire skeletal system.

The G-force which occurs the very moment you land on the surface of a trampoline, applies gentle pressure to your bones, thus strengthening them bounce after bounce.

This also affects your joints, ligaments, and tendons which become stronger too.

 Trampoline exercise can prevent osteoporosis and decrease in bone mass. 

This is really important for all women who are reading our article.

Training using a trampoline or rebounder increases bone mass and bone density which in turn promotes a healthy skeletal system and prevents skeletal problems like osteoporosis.

Older people can benefit from using a trampoline regularly as well. One of the most characteristic properties of human bones is that they become stronger under pressure. On the other hand, they tend to become weaker when there’s no stress involved.

What this means is that older people can use this low-impact way of exercising to prevent a decrease in their bone mass and skeletal strength. This could be vital for their recovery after a fall or a possible accident later in their lives.

 Can jumping on my trampoline improve my immune system? 

“Yes, yes, and Yes!”

Exercising using a trampoline energizes, trains, and strengthens your body at a cellular level. The awakening and proper function of cells – that otherwise would remain somewhat hibernated – ensures that your immune system will have all the help it will need to fight a significant number of diseases.

Furthermore, the upward and downward movement of your body during a bouncing session leads to lymph fluid circulation.

Trampoline for health and immunization
Say no to inflammations, toxins, flu, and disease

As we’ve promised above, we will try to keep things simple and not confuse you with science. So, we only need to say that the lymph fluid is a fluid that the lymphocytes (i.e., the guardians of your body) produce to fight any hazardous toxin or any other intruder that may put your health in peril.

Contrary to blood circulation, which happens automatically as the heart pumps and moves blood to your body, the lymph fluid tends to remain still as there is not an automatical mechanism for its transportation. So it relies mainly on your movement to get to all the areas of your body where it’s needed.

Thus, bouncing on a trampoline allows the lymph fluid to travel through your body cleansing it from toxins and providing immunization from the inside on its way.

 Jumping on a trampoline improves your overall health! 

 Trampolining is a safe way to adopt a healthy lifestyle completely 

Exercising on a trampoline is a fun way to attain better health.

Compared to other forms of exercise where more physical effort is required, jumping on a trampoline is more of a game for our brain,

Trampoline is game! A health game
Trampoline? The more, the merier

especially when done with the company of friends or family.

Mark our words on this. No matter how much we love running (and believe us, here in, we adore it), trampolining has a special

place in our hearts. It involves laughter, music, fun, and it’s generally more social than other forms of exercise.

How can these relate to a healthier lifestyle and overall fitness improvement?

Studies have shown that when our minds perceive an activity as a fun one, they do not crave for sugar and food after it’s done. So, compared to jogging or running, trampolining requires less calorie intake afterward. And, less calorie intake equals weight loss.

 Did you know that playing on a trampoline can improve your eyesight? 

We bet you didn’t! Well, you better believe it, especially if you’ve been facing myopia (i.e., nearsightedness) problems.

Eyes are organs that are described as semi-muscular by scientists. This means that the ocular nerves and eye muscles are energized during your bouncing session. The same applies to the cells of your eye-lenses which are also stimulated!

Simply put, jumping on a trampoline promotes the proper function of your eye cells. This ultimately leads to eyesight improvement. Unbelievable isn’t it?

 Athletes and weight-lifters be aware. Trampolines can help even you. 

Nah! I visit the gym every day and spend hours and hours in it. What more could a trampoline offer to me?

If you can relate to the above thoughts prepare yourselves to be excited.

trampoline improves health
Speed up exercise results using trampoline intervals

Using a trampoline for exercise improves the efficiency of other forms of exercise.

Some studies have shown that people who jumped on a trampoline during a 30-second interval between their sets of weightlifting saw a vast improvement of around 25% in their weightlifting ability after 12 weeks.

 Did you know that trampolining improves your energy levels? 

Of course, you did! Almost any form of exercise does this. What is unique about trampolining, however, is that it leads to increased mitochondrial production and better oxygen circulation in your body.

Mitochondria are the energy factories of your cells and consequently of your body. So, more of them equals more energy for you during the day and consequently less fatigue.

Proper oxygen circulation, on the other hand, ensures that all the organs of your body (especially the brain) get the appropriate amounts of oxygen so that they can work efficiently and at a high rate.

Speaking of right oxygen intake and circulation, we should let you know that a highly oxygenated body is not a friendly host to germs and rogue cells that may put your health at risk.

These kinds of cells are anaerobic which means that they cannot stand the existence of oxygen. So the more oxygen your body gets, the less prone will it be to colds, flu, and inflammations.

Another boost for your immune system and overall health thanks to trampolines!

 Rebounding improves your mood and fights depression in the long run. 

As you’re exercising on a trampoline, a series of endorphins are released into your brain.

trampoline helps against depression
Depression? No thanks!

These alongside the neuro-chemical Noradrenaline that gets produced during training improve your mood as they don’t allow cortisol (the stress chemical) to conquer your mind.

This has a significant effect on your mood during the day and improves your chances to avoid depression in the long run.

 Rebounding improves your balance! 

Many people who are new to the world of trampolines find it difficult to maintain their balance during their bouncing in the beginning.

However, after some training, their bodies get accustomed to the landing on the trampoline surface. This can boost the balance of any individual as the body learns to re-adjust between consecutive bounces.

Repeating this process frequently allows the body to learn how to quickly re-adjust at every loss of balance in the future.

Moreover, as the ocular nerves and the inner ear canals are stimulated during your bouncing to allow you to land safely, a whole-body cooperation and coordination are promoted to give you an even greater sense of balance.

You know how important this can be especially for older people, don’t you?

 Let doctors explain how to use a trampoline for health improvement  

If you’re more of a visual type of person, we have found a very comprehensive video on Youtube, where Dr. Hans Gruenn explains the benefits of rebound exercise for your health. Enjoy!

 How to start exercising using a trampoline or rebounder? 

If all the above trampolining health benefits got your attention and you feel it’s time to start your bouncing journey, you’re only a decision away.
You just have to buy a suitable rebounder or trampoline and embark on your bouncing journey.

 Our favorite mini trampolines are: 

  • The Cellerciser by David Hall which is on the expensive side but is currently one of the best mini trampolines on the market.
  • The Maximus Pro which is a lot cheaper and includes many add-ons like a stability bar, a companion DVD, sand weights, and exercise cords.
  • And the Ancheer Rebounder which is the most affordable choice for those who are just starting out.
    You can find an in-depth review and mini trampoline comparison table if you read our best mini trampoline reviews guide.

As for our favorite trampolines, we highly recommend:

 Trampoline for Health Improvement – Our Conclusion 

This concludes our article on how jumping on a trampoline can prove to be very helpful to your health.

It should be evident now that trampolines and rebounders are not just for kids as they provide incredible benefits for your fitness, balance, muscles, and overall wellness.

Whether a newbie or a seasoned athlete, a young person or an older person, one thing is for sure;

The very moment you begin bouncing on a trampoline or a rebounder, you will reap the health rewards of it!

So, do not waste any more time! Pick one and begin your bouncing journey immediately.

Good Luck!

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P.S. Never Forget: Jumping on a Trampoline for health improvement is king!


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