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Trampolines qualify as one of the best presents that parents can offer to their children. They can bring the family together, and help the members of the family bond while having fun. It is more like an investment for parents who wish to distract their kids from technology and lure them into spending time with them.
If you have purchased a trampoline before, then you know about the positive influence they can have on children, and you surely have stumbled upon zupapa trampolines at some point. They are pretty popular at the moment, and that’s expected since they have a lot to offer.
On the other hand, if you’re a newbie in the trampoline community, welcome. Once you buy your very first trampoline, you will witness the magic with your very eyes. You will be stunned by how easily your kids will neglect their consoles to escape in their bouncing adventure world, where they can fly through the air like superheroes.
The first thing every parent needs to ensure for their children is their precious safety. While searching the safest trampolines, you would most likely come across zupapa 15 feet round trampoline which is very famous due to its safety certification (TUV).

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What is a Zupapa 15 trampoline?

Zupapa 15 is a round trampoline with enclosure, well known for its stability.

It is strong and durable, perfect for kids, teenagers or adults. Its incredible features make it stand out and be one of the top trampoline options out there.

It has a high enclosure to protect younger bouncers from hurting themselves, and it is designed in such a way to enable jumpers of any age to spend countless hours playing with it. It is a guaranteed way to bring the family together. But let’s take a more thorough look into its features…


What’s zupapa 15 trampoline’s weight limit and height?

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This amazingly durable trampoline can support jumpers up to 375 pounds (170 kg). That means that the trampoline is suitable for kids, teenagers or adults. There is no age limit, and the weight capacity is impressive. This way it can support even more than one individuals at a time as long as their weight total is less than 375lbs. Furthermore, the exact height of the product is 94 inches, including the net enclosure which is 72 inches. Thus, the enclosure is tall enough to protect children no matter how high they jump.

You should keep in mind that the fact that this zupapa trampoline has the highest weight rating does not mean that it will be “hard-to-bounce” for younger children. Oppositely, it is extra protective and soft, perfect for all ages.

Is the Zupapa trampoline safe?

The most important question before buying such a product is whether it’s safe for your family or not. Safety always comes first. In this case, however, safety in not going to be a concern of yours, it is an issue that will never cross your mind. As you may have heard, all zupapa trampolines are TUV certified. Most trampolines in the market are just advertised up to the TUV level, but the Zupapa ones are actually tested by this professional German agency. This way you can be confident that the product is scientifically tested and it is as safe as it gets. There is no room for any unfortunate events aka accidents.
Apart from the TUV certificate that indicates the safety of the product, this trampoline is created with extra strong materials. More specifically, this trampoline features much longer net poles and two steel joints. Each pole is connected with a leg at two spots, so the trampoline remains firm, and there’s no risk of structural twisting.

What about zupapa’s frame?

The massive steel frame is galvanized and rust resistant. That’s just one more detail that makes this trampoline way stronger and safer than others in the market. Its dimensions are 42mm(Dia) x 1.5 mm thickness. As you can tell, what we have here is a thick, heavy-duty frame.

Springs – Get ready for spectacular bouncing!

Another thing that adds up to the magic of this unique trampoline and makes it superior to most of the others out there is the existence of 108 galvanized strings. Most trampolines have 96 strings, so obviously the 12 additional strings the zupapa trampoline offers, make a huge difference. Basically, those 12 extra strings allow the trampoline to stretch even more. Thus it is evidently more comfortable and safe.  Lastly, the springs are 7 inches each, and they are also rust resistant, offering the best bouncing experience. Once again, you can be reassured that no accidents are about to happen and your family can have some carefree fun.

Mat Material

Zupapa’s solid mat is created by UV protection polypropylene for extra strength and endurance. There is also a blue PE and PVC foam pad that will protect you if you fall towards the enclosure. This is perfect for clumsy children who might jump towards the enclosure since this area around the net is very soft, and it will prevent any injuries.

Net and Ladder

The enclosure net is removable, and the ladder is very sturdy. The combination of those two makes this product ideal for even younger children since the net offers protection and the ladder provides easy and quick access to the trampoline.

Extra Accessories – Let’s add some NBA to bouncing

You can add other accessories to the trampoline if you wish to make it even more fun. For example, you can add a Zupapa basketball hoop add-on on the poles of this zupapa and watch your children jump in the air and score like NBA champions.

What does the package include?

This trampoline comes in 3 boxes, which weigh 64.9, 68.2, 77 pounds each respectively, or it might come in 4 boxes that weigh 64.9, 63.8, 76.1, 6.4 pounds each. In the package of the trampoline, you will find a strong steel galvanized ladder, a safety pad and an enclosure net, a T-hook, a manual, of course, a spring tool and a shoe bag.

You will also find a rain cover, so you can leave your trampoline outside and not worry about the weather. Rain can’t cause any harm to all the steel parts, so you can totally leave the trampoline in the backyard all year long. That saves up a lot of time and a lot of effort, as opposed to taking the trampoline inside every time the winter arrives.
On the other hand, if you wish to keep it inside, the rain cover can double as a dust cover. So if you decide to keep it in your garage or your basement, the cover will make sure your trampoline remains dust-free.

Is the zupapa 15 trampoline’s assembly easy?

The assembly of the trampoline is usually what terrifies buyers the most. You may think “I have no experience in constructing such things”, “what if I make a mistake in the installation and my kids get hurt while playing?”. While all this worrying is understandable, it’s also pretty unreasonable when it comes to setting up a Zupapa Trampoline. You will be very surprised by how easy the whole process is and you’ll come to realize that there is no reason to worry. If your kids did not lack the physical ability and strength, they could easily assemble it themselves. In fact, some customers stated that their children built the whole thing by themselves and they faced no issue.

First of all, let’s clear out that there is no need for drilling. The assembly is very easy if you stick to the manual and follow the directions. However, keep in mind that you should in no way improvise and not obey the instructions. Consumers have stated that they only needed a few hours to assemble it and while it is possible to be constructed by one adult, two will make the job a lot easier.
The package includes all the directions and tools required to put the trampoline together, although if you think you can use some help, you can include installation when you purchase it on Amazon. It might worth the additional cost if you still feel that the assembly process will be a challenge for you.
You can see the assembly video of the product here:

What about the replacement parts of the Zupapa 15 ft trampoline?

When buying a new product, it’s only natural for the buyer to worry about any potential damage to the product. What if something goes wrong? Where can I find replacement padding? Well, in our case, you can quickly find and replace any broken part of the trampoline. You can get the zupapa replacement parts on Amazon and have them shipped right to your door. And just like that, the endless fun with your family can continue.

What do people who tried this trampoline think of it?

There are many reviews and comments on this product, and most of them are very encouraging. People are leaving incredibly positive feedback for this product. To be more specific, they mention that the enclosure net that is placed around the edge of the jumping pad offers the greatest protection for their active children. They have also reported that its quality is outstanding, that it is sturdier than other products and they call it “by far the best buy”. This trampoline, along wth zupapa’s 12ft and 14ft trampolines, has a total rating of 5 out of 5 stars. But if you have your doubts and you are not quite convinced yet, you can find tons of reviews here.

Attention: What the manufacturer forgot to mention.

This trampoline might be rain and dust resistant, but we could not say the same thing about wind. Now, let’s be clear on this, this a sturdy and durable construction which could unquestionably handle the wind under normal circumstances. If you live in a non-windy area, you do not need to worry. If you reside in a place with high wind, however,  we recommend that you remove the surrounding poles and net and that you use the rain cover to protect the product. That way you will lengthen the lifespan of your Zupapa Trampoline even more.

Is this Zupapa 15ft round trampoline suitable for my family?

This exceptional trampoline offers the maximum safety, fun, and stability to the users.  However, we would like to point out that this product may not be so convenient for people who live in super windy areas because they will either have to cover or move the trampoline pretty often. This process can be a bit tricky and distressing as well. On the other hand, if you live in a not so windy area, or if you have enough space to keep your trampoline inside, you are ready to go. It would certainly be a fantastic choice.

Price, Warranty and Where to Buy Zupapa Trampoline?

As we didn’t manage to locate any original Zupapa website, we suggest you use Amazon to purchase the Zupapa 15ft Trampoline. You could also get free shipping on Amazon, or even ask for an additional 2-year extended warranty.
Now, you are surely wondering about the warranty of the trampoline. The warranty begins the same day you purchase the product and differs among the parts of the trampoline. So you are going to have a 6-month warranty for enclosure nets and trampoline pads, one whole year for the jumping mat and springs and last but not least, three years for the frames. Also, if you come across any defective parts, the replacement of them will be free of charge.

Zupapa 15 ft Τrampoline – Final Verdict

This trampoline that comes in a vivid blue color offers a series of features that are hard to find. As mentioned above, it is TUV certified, meaning that you can provide your children safe entertainment through this toy. Also, the package includes useful stuff like a shoe bag, a rain cover, a ladder, the enclosure net of course and much more.
Furthermore, the extra 12 springs offer a smooth, unforgettable bouncing experience and the trampoline is strong enough to hold two, three, even four children as long as they are under the weight limit. It is a great way to dodge the gym and workout on the trampoline if you are an adult or a great way to get your kids to dump their consoles to go out and play. Jumping up and down can be a very intense workout, and kids need to stay active as well. You can learn tricks and bounce in the air like an expert, or you can put music on and dance in the air. You can even add a basketball hoop and practice basketball tricks and shots, by flying towards the hoop. It’s very affordable, and its outstanding features are completely worth the money.

If you feel that the Zupapa 15 ft Round Trampoline is the best choice for your family, grab it without a second thought from Amazon. You can also use the link provided if you want to scour the site for some additional reviews. Either way, we think that it will be a surefire hit for your kids’ entertainment for many years to come.

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