Imagine the following scenario: It’s been a tiring day at the work, you get back home, and you barely can walk, let aside go to the gym and exercise. Besides, there’s cooking and eating to do. What a pity! There goes your training regime again, even if you know that you must lose these 30 pounds and tone your body at last. If that terrifying image looks familiar, then it is perhaps time to bring the gym home and have a full-body training in under 15 minutes. If you’re wondering if such training is possible, get ready to meet the Cellerciser Rebounder.

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What is a Rebounder?

If you’re a new comer to the world of rebounding, let’s clarify things a bit for you.
Rebounders are mini trampolines, also known as exercise trampolines that are intended mostly for indoor use to allow people exercise without having to leave their home or office. They provide a total body workout in just a portion of the time that it would take in the gym or any other cardio exercise.

What is the Cellerciser Rebounder?

The Cellerciser is one of the most sought-after rebounders online, and it’s a creation of David Hall. If you, strangely enough, don’t happen to know who David Hall is, let’s say he is the founder of the Center for Cellular Health and one of the most acknowledged entrepreneurs and rebounder creators. David Hall has made numerous appearances on the TV (CNN, BBC, and Fox13 are only some to mention) and has given over 2000 lectures on individual training, physical, and emotional health.

Having acquired an impressive number of raving reviews online, the Cellerciser got Toy Veteran’s attention too. In this article, we will try to cover everything to see if such hype is justified or not. Follow us along!

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Cellercizer Exercise Trampoline – General Information

  • The rebounder consists of a 40″ frame made entirely of steel and a series of 36 heavy-duty springs. This means that the whole trampoline is not prone to any twisting or deforming.
    Cellerciser Rebounder Review - Check price on Amazon
    You love it already, don’t you? Check it on Amazon!
  • The jumping mat is 28″ in diameter. This space is more than enough to guarantee that the bouncer maintains their stability during their exercise.
  • The foldable legs of the trampoline are 8.5″ long which consequently lifts the jumping mat 10.5″ above the ground. This provides ease of access to young and older users as well to the rebounder.
  • If you choose the model that contains the Cellerciser Balance Bar (stabilizing bar according to the manufacturer) you can adjust it to 3 heights to match your height.
  • The trampoline package also includes a carrying bag for easy transportation, 2 extra springs in case any of the 36 breaks in the future, and a DVD containing a series of Cellercizer exercises that will help you in your quest for a perfect shape.


What’s in the Cellerciser Rebounder for me?

By now you should have a grasp of how beneficial can a rebounder be to you. It helps in weight loss; it energizes your full body which also affects your mood positively; it tones and strengthens your abs, legs, and back. All the above with just a daily 10-minute training! But wait! Using the Cellercizer Rebounder isn’t mere exercise and sweating.

The Cellerciser mini trampoline energizes every cell of your body.

Yes! You’ve read it well. All the cells of your body are stimulated and revitalized during the rebounding on the Cellercizer. This might sound like a bold claim but according to the manufacturer, rebounding using the Cellerciser increases the weight of gravity on all the cells your entire body over 100 times per minute stimulating and energizing it from the inside out.
In other words, the Cellerciser doesn’t only tone your body, but it stimulates and trains even your internal organs that otherwise could remain inactive for extended periods of time.

The Cellerciser has a weight limit of 300lbs

Such a weight capacity allows most people to make use of the benefits that the Cellerciser has in store for them. In fact, the manufacturer states that the Cellerciser has been tested with real-life weights that exceed the 300lbs – rating.

The patented springs Cellerciser adjust to your weight and style

The Barrel-Shaped Cellerciser Springs guarantee the best bouncing.

Having reviewed tens of rebounders and trampolines, we were really impressed by the shape and performance of the triple-tiered tapered (barrel shaped) springs. Their innovative design allows the entire trampoline to adjust to any weight and any jumping style.
This means that regardless of how heavy, light, novice, and experienced you are, the Cellerciser provides the perfect bounce for you and guarantees a unique bouncing experience.

The mat of the Cellerciser offers the best support.

Apart from its durability, the jumping surface of the mat is what David Hall calls as space-age quality on his advertisement.
“So what?” you might be thinking. Well, let’s see if that claim is justified. The Permatron mat of the Cellerciser is put under extreme heat and pressure conditions during its creation to produce a literally nonstretchable result. This mat, combined with the superior spring quality we talked about before, give us a jumping surface that will not stretch no matter how you land on it. In other words, it will adapt to your weight and jumping style and will instantly lift you up.

What this means for you is that the Cellerciser Rebounder allows you to land properly to the jumping surface without bending your knees or having to break (i.e. twist) your ankles. This is of utmost importance as it guarantees that you won’t harm your knees, ankles, joints, back, or neck.

The Cellerciser is easy to assemble – Even easier to fold

Once you get the Cellerciser package, you will be able to use it in less than 10 minutes. That’s not the fascinating part, however. All Cellerciser models are foldable (half-foldable or tri-foldable depending on the model) to allow the easy storage as well as portability of the rebounder.
What this practically means for you is that you can bring it to your living room to watch TV or listen to your favorite uplifting music (Oh! Yeah!) while exercising. Then, fold its legs and take it back under your bed or store it in a closet. You can do it in less than a minute.
And if you want to get it to your office, the folding process is a piece of cake; its fancy carrying bag will let you take your Cellerciser everywhere.

Cellerciser Exercises DVD Included

Last but not least, the Cellerciser comes packed with the Cellercise Ultimate Excercise DVD which will serve as your virtual trainer and let you advance faster in your world of bouncing. Containing exercises for aerobic, calisthenics, strength, and overall health, one thing’s for sure; the DVD will help you become more fit in just a few weeks. Voila!

What do the Cellerciser Rebounder Reviews say

Below is a list of things that people who have been using the Cellerciser reported and liked:

  1. It’s silent.
  2. The entire family can use the Cellerciser.
  3. The rebounder was very easy to assemble.
  4. It’s easily foldable, and you can take it anywhere using the bag provided, even in your office for a quick break for exercise.
  5. People enjoy using the Cellerciser Rebounder while watching the TV.
  6. Even older people (aged 68+) use this exercise trampoline to drop their glucose levels down and restore the energy in their bodies and lives.
  7. Using Cellercises is a perfect way to get your lymph fluid moving and immunize your body.

The list could go on and on. We didn’t want to bombard you with Cellerciser testimonials, however. Our intention was to show you can this impressive rebounder could be of benefit to you, instead. You can find more of these Cellerciser Rebounder reviews on Amazon if you need additional real-user insights.

What are the disadvantages of the Cellerciser?

Regardless of how hard we’ve tried to locate any bad reviews online about the Cellerciser, we’ve only managed to find only very few negative comments about its price.
Currently, the rebounder retails at around $400 depending on which model somebody will pick. We know that such an amount of money might sound like a lot to spend on a piece of exercise equipment, but take our word on this; the Cellerciser will not only outperform cheaper alternatives, but it will also outlast it.

With a frame made solely of steel and a very durable mat surface, the rebounder is literally unbreakable.
So, for an expense of around $400 you get a combination of durability and performance as well as a lifelong ally to your fitness and mental health.

Which Cellerciser Rebounder model should I buy?

As of writing this article, and that’s not very likely to change, Cellerciser comes out in 3 different models:

  • The standard BiFold Cellerciser. This is the main product which has all the features and benefits described above. You can find it here.
  • The Foldable Cellerciser Rebounder with Balance Bar. This is our favorite model as it combines all the features of the standard edition, but it also provides you with the necessary stability bar that allows you to maintain a sense of balance while bouncing as well as perform different kinds of exercise as demonstrated in the Companion DVD to focus on various areas of your body. The Balance Bar is easily detachable if you wish to remove it in the future. Check it here
  • The Trifold Cellercise Rebounder model. If foldability and portability are your top priorities, then this model is definitely for you. This particular model uses a different folding technology from the previous two and becomes really small when folded to allow easy transportation. Is it worth the additional $100 cost? You decide.

Where can I buy the Cellerciser Exercise Trampoline?

Of course, the official Cellerciser website is a choice, but if you want to buy this incredible rebounder as a gift for a family member or a friend, we suggest you use Amazon as you can order a gift wrap. Additionally, most sellers offer free shipping and deliver the rebounder fast enough so that you may begin exercising right away. Click here to find the current price of Cellerciser on Amazon or use the picture to the left.

Cellerciser Rebounder – Our Final Verdict

This concludes our review about the Cellerciser Rebounder. If it’s not apparent by now, the Cellerciser is one of our favorite products. Not only ours, in fact, as the number of raving reviews and the high ratings it has online converge to the conclusion that it is a product of the highest quality that will offer you tons of hours of effective exercise. Durable, foldable, and above all beneficial to the physical and mental health, the Cellerciser is a must for any family that wants to keep away from obesity and depression and to promote a healthy way of living. If you also feel the same, grab it now from Amazon and begin the rebounding right away. David Hall’s Cellerciser rebounder won’t disappoint you.

Happy rebounding with the Cellerciser people!

P.S. Please come back with a review or comment after you use your Cellerciser Rebounder for a while to allow other readers decide.


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