Are you in need for a starter trampoline for your kid? Has he or she been asking for a trampoline, yet you are unsure if it’s the perfect gift for them? Have you been searching for a safe yet inexpensive trampoline to initiate your kid to the wonderful world of trampolining? If the answer to any of the above questions is a “Yes,” then allow us to welcome you to our Airzone Trampoline Review.

“Who is Airzone? Why haven’t I heard about them?” you might be thinking. If that’s the case with you, as it was with us, also, we think it’s sufficient to say that Airzone is a trampoline manufacturer who was amassed a great number of reviews on Amazon as of writing this review. Airzone might not be as popular as Vuly, Springfree, or SkyWalker Trampolines but they surely have a lot of trampolines to demonstrate.

Today, we will be reviewing their most sought after product, the Airzone 55 inch trampoline (a.k.a. AirZone 4-1/2 Ft Kids First Outdoor Band Trampoline), a product we believe it deserves a closer look as it combines quality with a relatively low price combined with the other existing trampolines of its caliber. Let’s see if the hype around it as well as the number of reviews are justified or not.

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What’s in the Airzone 55 inch trampoline for my child?

Fun all year long with an Airzone Trampoline, Indoors and Outdoors.

No more climbing or furniture or jumping from couch to sofa for your kid. Such a trampoline will allow them to spend some quality bouncing time during the cold winter days when outdoor play time is limited. This trampoline by Airzone can be used both indoors and outdoors to allow them to blow off steam without any worries of being injured.

Does the Trampoline have Springs or Elastic Bands?

The Airzone 55-inch trampoline is springless. Instead of using the traditional metal springs, this trampoline consists of elastic bands. What this means for your kid is that they can enjoy their bouncing time without risking their toes or fingers being caught in springs. Simply put, elastic bands are a lot safer for your kid than springs.

What is the weight limit of the Airzone Trampoline?

Strangely enough, the manufacturer has omitted to mention the weight capacity of their trampoline on their product, We, however, managed to find the answer to your question scouring the Product Q&A on Amazon. Users report that the Airzone Trampoline can handle up to 60 pounds (i.e. 27 kilograms). What this practically means is that two kids can be accommodated on the trampoline. Just make sure they are not bouncing simultaneously as this increases injury risks.

Does the airzone trampoline contain a safety enclosure net?

Airzone Trampoline Review Amazon
Check the Airzone Trampoline on Amazon

Affirmative! The safety net guarantees that your little one or ones won’t risk falling off the trampoline. This also means that you won’t have to worry about the safety of your kid during their play time.

How bouncy is the Airzone 55-inch band trampoline?

Given the fact that the trampoline consists of elastic bands instead of springs it’s evident that it will provide somewhat lower bounce than the traditional trampoline. What this practically means is that your kid won’t have the chance to perform dangerous maneuvers like somersaults or back flips. This further increases the security of your child during their trampolining. One thing to note here is that, according to the reviews on Amazon, the trampoline maintained its bounce and its jumping surface didn’t sag after even years of daily use.

How about the colors of the airzone 55″ trampoline?

The trampoline comes in two color variations; the classic red-colored trampoline and the new addition, the Spongebob themed trampoline. Pick the one that your kid will like the most. (My niece Marla will definitely pick the Spongebob colored one 🙂  )

What’s in the airzone trampoline for me, the parent?

Apart from a great and safe play time for your kid the manufacturer has a lot of interesting things to offer to the parent as well. Let’s tackle them one by one.

How safe is the Airzone Trampoline for my child?

  • As we already stated above, the trampoline contains a security enclosure net that ensures the safety of your child during their bouncing time.
  • Also, the elastic-cord suspension system of Airzone trampolines guarantees a kid-safe bouncing as elastic cords provide less bounce than springs.
  • Furthermore, all metal parts of the trampoline are steel-made. What this means is that your kid’s safety is guaranteed and that the endurance of the trampoline itself is ensured.
  • Last but not least, all metal surfaces and poles are covered with protective foam which will absorb collisions and minimize the possibility of kid injuries.
    All the above result in a professionally created trampoline that was crafted with child safety in mind. The proof for this is the ASTM Certification (i.e. Safety Certification for kid’s toys) the trampoline has acquired. Such a certification’s hard to get and guarantees the quality of the product itself. Well done Airzone!

How easy is the assembly process of the Airzone trampoline?

Most users online state that the assembly of the trampoline took them about an hour long.

  1. The assembly instructions are pretty straightforward, and most people had no difficulty finding out how to put the trampoline together.
  2. All necessary tools are included in the package. This practically means you won’t have to buy separate equipment, tools, or screws to set up the Airzone Trampoline.
  3. Now for the tricky part. Despite the fact the overall assembly Airzone 55-inch trampoline specsprocess is quite easy, many people have reported that they found it somewhat difficult to get the last elastic bands around the bar. It really might need a pair of strong hands to achieve the desired result according to some reviewers. OR, you can follow the instructions provided in this answer we found on Amazon by Cheryl
    This can save you a lot of time and effort rendering the whole assembly even easier. See? ToyVeteran got you covered again!

Can I take my child’s Airzone Trampoline outside?

Well, even if the manufacturer doesn’t explicitly mention that the trampoline can be put together outside, there are tens of parent reviews that state that they set up the trampoline outdoors and it withstood the test of weather conditions. Keep in mind, however, that the colors and the jumping surface might wear out if the trampoline remains exposed for long. This just happens to almost any trampoline.

Is the Airzone 55 inch trampoline foldable?

No! You cannot fold this trampoline. While this might sound like a disadvantage to many people, we think that this is more of an advantage as it makes up for the sturdiness and endurance of the trampoline.

What do the Airzone Trampoline reviews say?

Scouring the Web for people’s opinions about the trampoline, we’ve managed to gather a lot of interesting views and testimonials. Here’s a list of things that people like most about the trampoline:

  • It’s sturdy.
  • Kids seem to like it and spend many hours playing on it.
  • The trampoline can be used as a play den that will accommodate your kid’s balls, toys, dolls, etc.
  • Many children use the trampoline as a bed or a place where they can get their snack. Impressive isn’t it?
  • The enclosure net is so strong that it can even withstand a direct collision done on purpose by kids.
  • Many reviews on Amazon state that the trampoline has endured the test of time even after years of daily use.
  • There’s a lot of appraisal about the customer service of Airzone. There have been many cases of people who got instructions and even replacement parts for free for their child’s trampoline. You can read these reviews on the Amazon website here

What Airzone didn’t tell you about their trampoline?

  1. The zipper! There have been some people who have complained about the quality of the zipper of the trampoline. They mention that it’s somewhat defective and that in many cases it broke after a bit of use.
    It’s true that the manufacturer could have used another, more durable material for the zipper. They could have also placed the door of the trampoline on the side of the trampoline so that the kids wouldn’t have to climb on the netting and torture the trampoline door and zipper while getting on and off the trampoline. That’s the reason behind many negative reviews that otherwise could have been 5 starred on Amazon, according to the reviewers and that’s an issue that Airzone might want to look into.
    If that’s holding you back, however, don’t get intimidated. According to Courtney Hoffman’s review on Amazon, the Airzone customer service sent her replacement parts for the damaged zipper and enclosure. Here’s her review for the sake of credibility
  2. The trampoline has only room for one kid. Even if the weight capacity of the toy guarantees it could accommodate more than one child, the Airzone 55 inch trampoline isn’t spacious enough for two kids’ bouncing.
  3. Even if the trampoline is suitable for indoor use, you should make sure that you place it on a protective carpet or a rubber mat surface to avoid scratches on your hardwood floor or expensive carpet.
  4. Lastly, you should know that there’s enough gap below the trampoline for a kid to hide or for a toy to be hidden. So, please check always below the trampoline before your kid begins to bounce to ensure that there no risk for anyone to get injured.

Where can I buy the Airzone 55-inch trampoline? What about the warranty?

No matter how hard we tried to locate an official Airzone website online, we didn’t manage to find one. This leaves you with the option of Amazon. You can use the picture on the right to find a seller for the trampoline
The trampoline comes with a 2-year warranty on all metal parts and a 90-day warranty for any other parts.

Please mind that the toy comes in a package with a “Trampoline” description on it. So if you’re planning to gift it to your kid as a surprise or Christmas present make sure you also purchase a gift wrap for the trampoline.

Our Verdict – Airzone 55-inch Trampoline

This sums up our review about the Airzone 55 inch Trampoline for kids. We believe that it’s a quality product that its sturdiness and fairly low price make it one of the best contestants for a kid’s first trampoline. It’s definitely a value for money product that will provide tons of bouncing hours for your child. If, after reading our review, you believe the same, then grab it from Amazon now. You can also use the above link to read more reviews from buyers on Amazon if you wish.

Thank you for reading! Wishing happy and healthy bouncing for your little one.

ToyVeteran Over and Out!

Last but not least, we decided to dedicate our final word on the suitability of the Airzone trampoline for kids with autism or partial immobility problems and other syndromes.

Here, in, we have increased appreciation and sympathy for these little warriors of life, and we always try to find and review products that are completely safe as well as entertaining for them. We believe that such is the case with this Airzone Trampoline according to 2 reviews on Amazon.
We provide you with links to them if you wish to read more.

The first one is a review on Amazon written by M.Young, parent of an autistic kid who uses the trampoline.
The second one is a review by J.Henderson who claims that the trampoline has helped his kid who has Prader-Willi Syndrome to exercise indoors. Here’s the link to the full review on Amazon

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