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Have you been searching for a trampoline that could provide fun for the entire family? Are you looking to invest in your child’s or children’s entertainment and exercise by buying a solid trampoline? Or, have you just been doing your research for a perfect family trampoline for your backyard and you just landed here? If the answer to any of the above questions is a “Yes!”, then follow us to our AlleyOop DoubleBounce Trampoline by Jumsport Review.

If you’ve been messing with trampolines for some time, the Jumpsport brand might ring a bell as they are one of the most famous trampoline manufacturers worldwide. They are known mostly for their quality and variety of products.

If you are a rookie to the world of trampolining, however, prepare yourselves to meet one of the trampoline industry leaders that has been providing people with top-notch products since 1997. In fact, the brand founder, Mark W. Publicover is considered to be the father of trampoline safety net enclosure. Thus, if you’re looking for someone who does know about trampoline safety, Jumpsport is surely your destination.

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As a trampoline might mean different things to a parent (talking about safety, durability, and price) and different to a child (i.e. fun and easy of use) we have decided to divide our review of the AlleyOop Double Bounce Trampoline into two main sections; one for kids and one for parents. Of course, we will be discussing a lot more in our review to let you decide if the trampoline is worth the hype or not. We’ll do our best to cover everything you need to know about the trampoline. Enjoy!

AlleyOop DoubleBounce Trampoline – General Information

  • The AlleyOop DoubleBounce 14′ Trampoline is a product belonging to the AlleyOop line of trampolines by Jumpsport. AlleyOop products are considered as the flagships of the company which boasts of their safety and quality.
  • As its name implies, it’s a 14 ft. Round trampoline rail-edge to rail-edge with a jumping surface of around 12-feet wide.
    double bounce alleyoop trampoline amazon page
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  • It has a state-of-the-art safety enclosure net to promote safe bouncing for kids and adults as well.
  • All its metal parts are made of galvanized steel so that the trampoline lasts for long.
  • The height of the jumping mat from the ground is almost 40-inches tall.
  • Now for the best part; this particular AlleyOop Trampoline uses a double mat technology hence its name -DoubleBounce-. These double jumping mats create an AirShock System that absorbs shocks and minimizes pressure on joints rendering the bouncing even safer for the bouncer.

Now you’ve got the grasp of what the AlleyOop DoubleBounce Trampoline is, it’s time to move on to what it has to offer to children.

What’s in the 14′ AlleyOop DoubleBounce Trampoline for my kid?

All Jumpsport trampolines are designed with two purposes in mind. Safety and fun for the bouncer. Thus, their AlleyOop DoubleBounce couldn’t be different. So, without further ado let’s tackle the following and most important question:

“Is the AlleyOop DoubleBounce Trampoline” safe for my kid?

The answer is a straightforward “Yes!”; for a significant number of reasons to be honest.

  • As already stated, the patented DoubleBounce technology the trampoline uses protects the bouncer on every bounce absorbing all excessive energy that otherwise would go to their joints and bones. The appearance of the second jumping at which is separated by 8 inches of space from the upper one allows the trampoline to provide a weight capacity that could accommodate more than one bouncer on the trampoline.AlleyOop trampoline ASTM Certification
  • All metal parts of the trampoline are made of heavy galvanized steel that makes the whole construction very durable and minimizes any risk of trampoline tip-overs and damages.
  • The New AlleyOop DoubleBounce trampoline contains an innovative safety enclosure called the Triple-Fail-Safe enclosure. According to the manufacturer, this enclosure net is their strongest and safest as of writing this review (August 2017)
  • All springs of the trampoline are covered with a protective mat. What this means for your kid is that there is literally no risk of any toe or finger getting caught by them.
  • All enclosure poles are covered with thick foam pads which serve as shock absorbers in a case of a collision.

All the above result to the fact that the AlleyOop trampoline is a really safe product for kids, a claim backed by the ASTM Certification for child safety that it has acquired.

Which is the weight limit of the AlleyOop Trampoline?

The manufacturer states that the weight limit for a single bouncer is 250 lbs. This doesn’t mean,  alleyoop trampoline double bounce weight limithowever, that the overall weight rating is 250lbs. In fact, the DoubleBounce System guarantees that the combined weight that the trampoline can handle is 800lbs. Yes, you’ve read it right! 8 0 0 lbs.

If the above have confused you, let us clarify; These two weight ratings simply mean that the weight of a single bouncer shouldn’t exceed the limit of 250lbs and that the trampoline can handle almost 3.5 such bouncers simultaneously. Impressive isn’t it?

A word of notice for you: if you’re planning to have more than one kid bouncing on the trampoline make sure they understand the risks and behave accordingly. In fact, we firmly believe that only one bouncer should be allowed on a trampoline at the same time. We only wanted to point out that the trampoline can handle even 800lbs of combined weight. The risk is yours to take, though.

How bouncy is the AlleyOop Trampoline?

The trampoline consists of 128 10″ long steel springs. This number exceeds the average number of springs on a 14′ trampoline and provide enough bounce even for professional athletes. The spring setup can be changed to configure the bounce that the trampoline offers.

Jumpsport also provides the PowerBounce upgrade if you want to make the trampoline even bouncier. The upgrade (i.e. the power springs) can be bought separately or as a complete trampoline package which the manufacturer calls the Power DoubleBounce 14′ Trampoline with Enclosure. You can find it on Amazon as well, and you should be waiting for a review from us soon.

What has the AlleyOop Trampoline to offer to the parent?

Given the fact that we’ve already tackled the parent’s number one concern (i.e. trampoline safety), we can now focus on what else this trampoline has to offer to you, the parent.

Assembly Process

How easy is AlleyOop Trampoline assembly process?

Scouring the Web for users’ reviews about the trampoline, we found that the majority of them reported that the trampoline was easy to assemble, even if the whole process took them about 5 hours. Do not be intimidated by this number, though.
This trampoline is a huge construction and contains a lot of parts. It is a small trade-off, however, for the safety and fun the trampoline offers.

AlleyOop Trampoline Assembly Instructions. Are they easy to follow?

Most online reviewers reported that they had no difficulty understanding and following the instructions provided by the manufacturer. In fact, we stumbled into a reviewer saying that Jumpsport should have made the instructions shorter. Such complaints should be taken as compliments as manufacturers usually don’t provide sufficient instructions. Who knows? The trampoline owner might be a little more impatient to set up the trampoline and begin bouncing.   🙂

The manufacturer also provides two videos to facilitate the process even further. You can find them here and here.

How durable is the AlleyOop Trampoline?

Admirably Durable and Sturdy for a number of reasons. Let’s examine them:

  • With every metal part of the trampoline being made heavy- duty steel, one thing is for sure; the trampoline is so sturdy that even Hulk would find it difficult to damage it. (Couldn’t resist the Hulk pun, here. Just finished watching an Avengers movie with my 2 nieces. OK! I digress!).
  • The jumping mats, the enclosure net, and the foam pads that cover the enclosure poles are made of UV and weather resistant materials. What this practically means for you is that these trampoline parts won’t wear out regardless of weather conditions for many years to come.
  • The springs and trampoline frame are made of galvanized steel. This means that the entire trampoline is rust-resistant and will look like it’s brand-new for long.
  • The enclosure net is made of quality material and uses top-notch engineering to allow it withstand even a direct impact of 295lbs according to the manufacturer. Pretty strong, isn’t it?

Hey! Parents also want to bounce. Can I also use AlleyOop?

Do not worry mom and dad! The AlleyOop DoubleBounce Trampoline by Jumsport can provide lots of fun even for you. As we stated above, the DoubleBounce system of AlleyOop relies on the existence of two jumping mats separated by 8 inches of space. This creates a shock absorption system that reduces stress and pressure on joints and bones. Simply put, older people will be able to use the trampoline without being afraid of injuries and sprains. If you don’t believe us, then take a look at this review of a 63-year-old buyer who also uses the trampoline without any problems.

What do the AlleyOop Trampoline Reviews say?

As of writing this article, the trampoline has amassed a really impressive rating on Amazon. Check here to see the current one.
Most people appraise the following:

  • The safety the Alleyoop trampoline provides (Oh! Not again, George!)
  • The fact the product didn’t wear out even after years of daily use.
  • The fact that even old people can bounce on the trampoline.
  • The AlleyOop Trampoline provides an excellent way to exercise effectively even in 10 minutes.
  • Children love to spend many hours jumping on the trampoline and blowing off steam.
  • Kids use their trampoline as a napping place or a play den where they play ball games or study.
  • The after-sales service as well as the general customer service of AlleyOop. People report that the Jumpsport customer support is top-notch and even willing to send replacement parts for even for free if anything is damaged or lost.

One thing that got our attention was the case of this particular reviewer on Amazon who mistakenly threw away all the foam paddings for the enclosure poles of the trampoline. 🙂 🙂 🙂
Jumpsport replaced them for half the price. If that isn’t top-notch support, we really don’t know what is.

What are some disadvantages of the trampoline?

  1. The price. Many people will complain that a cost over $2K is just too much for them. While we partially agree, we would like to justify Jumpsport a bit. The entire trampoline is created using materials of the highest class to ensure maximum security for the bouncer.
    Also, the quality of the materials used guarantees that the trampoline will outlast many if not all its competitors and that it will age well and not wear out.
    So, once again, it’s a number game. If someone can afford this product, he or she should go for it without second thoughts. What’s better? Buying 2 or 3 lower-quality trampolines or investing in a superior-quality product like AlleyOop once and for all?
  2. No ladder included. While the 40 inches that separate the jumping surface from the ground aren’t a great deal, many people would like a ladder to be attached to a trampoline. Fortunately, Jumpsport sells them separately. Otherwise, you can always use a step stool to help younger children climb on and off the trampoline. Just remember to remove it after use to prevent unauthorized use.
  3. No additional toys like basketball hoops or bounce boards included. They should be an excellent addition to your kid’s entertainment. -Fortunately, you can also buy them separately from Jumpsport or other sellers. One review also mentioned buying a Gymnic Rody for younger kids. This would sky-rocket the whole bouncing experience. What do you think? Give it a look on Amazon here.

Where can I buy the AlleyOop Trampoline?

You can purchase the trampoline from the original Jumpsport website or from Amazon. We would suggest the latter choice as Amazon offers the option of expert setup and gift wrapping.

The package is somewhat bulky with a shipping weight of almost 535 pounds so make sure you pick the best shipping option.

As for the warranty of the trampoline, Jumpsport has done it again. With a lifetime warranty on the frame and the enclosure poles, 5 years for the jumping mat, safety enclosure net, and springs and with 1 year of warranty on anything else, one thing is for sure; your trampoline will remain and look as good as new for decades.

AlleyOop DoubleBounce Trampoline – The Final Verdict

This concludes our review of the 14′ round Double Bounce AlleyOop Trampoline. We firmly believe that this product is the epitome of quality, fun, and most of all safety.
We do acknowledge that the idea of spending over two thousand dollars for a trampoline might be terrifying. AlleyOop is not the typical trampoline, though. You should consider it as a safe investment to your kid’s safety, fun, and fitness. It’s a product that even older people will be able to use and that will remain almost untouched by the years to come.
If you feel it’s time to bring life and joy to your backyard, grab it immediately from Amazon. You will definitely not regret it.

Thank you for reading!


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