Have you been searching for a quality exercise trampoline (aka rebounder) for your kid? Has your little one been asking for a way to blow off some steam even during rainy days? Have you spent dozens of hours scouring the Web for a cheap solution for a starter trampoline, yet you haven’t managed to find a decent one? If you can relate to any of the above questions, please do keep reading on, because Toy Veteran might have just discovered the answer to all your prayers. It’s called Kangaroo Trampoline and judging from the hundreds of positive reviews online it might turn out to be the perfect choice for your kid’s rebounder. Let’s find out if the Trampoline by Kangaroo stands up to the hype.

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“Who’s Kangaroo? Never heard of them!”

If you’ve been messing around with trampolines for a while, you might have stumbled on Vuly Trampolines, Zupapa Trampolines, or even Bounce Pro Trampolines. The Kangaroo Brand might seem a little stranger to you, and in fact, it was even to Toy Veteran, before we happened to accidentally come across a review about their trampoline online.
The manufacturer is relatively new and has been around since 2014. According to their website, their primary goal is to provide quality yet inexpensive products, ranging from costumes and kitchen products to toys and trampolines. Let’s see if they have delivered or not with their Kangaroo Trampoline.

What has the Kangaroo Trampoline to offer to my child?

Kangaroo is a 36″ Indoor Trampoline For Kids created by Kangaroo Manufacturing.
While the manufacturer mentions a lot of features of the trampoline in their product description, we will try to go even further to provide you with some additional insights about the toy.
For starters, let’s say that using a mini trampoline allows your kid to exercise in fun and most of all safe way.
Besides, you will agree that bouncing on a trampoline is better than jumping from sofa to couch and vice versa or climbing on furniture. Don’t you think?
This takes us to the following question:

How large is the Kangaroo Trampoline?

36" Indoor Kangaroo Trampoline for Kids. Is it the best rebounder
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The manufacturer states that their toy has a jumping area that is about 36″ wide (i.e. 3-feet wide). This will definitely provide adequate space for your kid’s bouncing. Be aware, however! Despite its name, Kangaroo Trampoline is more of a rebounder than a trampoline. In other words, it’s a small trampoline for one kid. Do not expect any flips or stunts on it. It’s just a starter trampoline to initiate a child into the world of bouncing.

What is the weight limit of the Kangaroo Trampoline?

Surprisingly enough, the manufacturer omitted to state this somewhat crucial piece of information on their product description on their original site and Amazon. However, the trampoline package mentions that it can hold up even up to 120 pounds. See? You can’t hide anything from Toy Veteran!

Children of which age can use the Kangaroo Trampoline?

The manufacturer claims that all children of age 3 or more can use their trampoline with no problems. Having scoured the Internet for reviews of the trampoline for some hours enables us to say that even a bit younger children should have no problem jumping on the trampoline. Just make sure you hand-hold the smaller kids and that you always supervise the young ones during their jumping time. But, you already know this, don’t you?

Can my child use the Kangaroo Trampoline outdoors?

Yes, according to the manufacturer, you can take the trampoline outdoors to allow your little one enjoy his or her bouncing during a sunny day. Just make sure you place the trampoline on flat ground, and perhaps, on grass to absorb any collision and prevent any injury due to a fall.

What about the handle bar that the Kangaroo Rebounder includes?

This trampoline comes packed with a handlebar which is an excellent addition to the toy.
In fact, it really surprised us how the manufacturer managed to keep the price that low and contain a handlebar at the same time, while others sell theirs as separate add-ons or release their products at higher prices. Take the Original Toy Company Trampoline for example. It has almost similar features to the Kangaroo trampoline, yet its price is twice as high. You can read our review of that trampoline by clicking on its name above.

If you’re wondering why such a bar is useful, let’s say that it provides greater stability and it enhances the bouncing experience of your kid. It also makes sure that the person who’s bouncing maintains a good posture during their exercise. This is vital if you want to ensure that the jumping on the trampoline doesn’t do any harm to your kid’s body.
Kangaroo Manufacturing was kind enough to include such a nice add-on for free. Use it right away.

What’s in the Kangaroo Trampoline for the parent?

Apart from your kid’s fun and a way for them to getting out a little energy, there are many perks for you (i.e. the parent) that this Trampoline brings.

How solid is the Kangaroo Rebounder?

It’s 100% sturdy. The jumping surface, as well as the trampoline legs and the handle bar, are durable and will stay where they should be once you screw or slide them on the trampoline.

How safe is the Kangaroo’s 36″ Kids Rebounder?

Except for being a solid construction, the Kangaroo Trampoline has a few things worth mentioning about its safety. Let’s delve into them:

  • The manufacturer states that their toy passes all US safety tests for toys. If this fact alone isn’t enough for you, please keep on reading!
  • It doesn’t contain springs. Instead, the bouncing relies on elastic bands that guarantee that no injuries will occur to your kid. You don’t want any tiny fingers or toes coming into contact with metal springs, do you?
  • The jumping surface is only 6″ from the ground. This means that your kids won’t be injured at all in a case of an accidental fall. It’s a huge advantage of the trampoline if you want our opinion.

How easy is it to assemble the Kangaroo’s 36″ Kids Trampoline?

The trampoline comes with most of its parts pre-assembled. This means that the total assembly time will be about 5 minutes long. You just have to slide some parts (i.e. the legs and the handlebar) on the trampoline, screw them and secure the handlebar with the included bolts and you’re ready to go.

The assembly instructions are quite easy to follow. Plus, all screws and necessary tools are included. What this means for you is that you won’t have to mess with buying any additional equipment. You just put the trampoline together, and your kid may begin jumping on it right away.

Here’s a fantastic customer video review we found on Amazon describing the whole process. The video also shows the kid of the reviewing customer jumping on the trampoline and sharing its experience. Give it a look to get a better idea of what the trampoline has to offer to your kid

Is the Kangaroo’s 36″ Kids Trampoline foldable?

No, it’s not! Don’t let this fact discourage you, however. Apart from being easily movable (it only weighs 16.4 pounds), the trampoline is easily storable. You just remove the handlebar and its legs (it won’t take you more than a minute’s time), and you slide it under a bed. Cool, isn’t it?

Will the Trampoline ruin my hardwood floor or carpet?

No! The trampoline contains rubber feet that ensure that your floor won’t get any scratches. Perhaps, a few temporary tracing might appear on your carpet but here’s a little trick if you want to avoid such a nuisance. You can place an exercise mat made of foam below. This will secure your carpet and floor as well as reduce any sliding of the trampoline during the jumping.

What do the parents like about the Kangaroo Trampoline?

Having spent some hours finding and reading reviews online, we have compiled the following list containing the main reasons that make the parents love the trampoline:

  • It has no springs. This makes the trampoline safe for the kids.
  • It’s easy to assemble.
  • Its handlebar is well-padded, reducing the possibility of injury even more.
  • Kids seem to stick to it. Many parents mentioned in their reviews that they had serious trouble to get their kid to bed even after hours of playing on the trampoline.
  • Kids like it regardless of their age. Parents of children age 4, 5, 6, 7, or even 8 years old have reported their children love the trampoline.
  • The trampoline offers fun even during winter, rainy days and allowing kids to blow off steam.

All the above are genuine opinions from parents. If you wish to read more use the following link which will take you to the Amazon product reviews.

What didn’t the Kangaroo Trampoline Manufacturer tell you?

Despite the fact that the trampoline is a really top-notch product and pretty inexpensive as well there were some concerns about it in some reviews we found online. Let’s try to clarify things a bit.

Some parents were worried that their kid could use the handlebar as a monkey bar. This, of course, could make the trampoline tip. Don’t worry, however! There are two workarounds to this problem. Stay put! Toy Veteran’s pro advice incoming!

  • Placing the trampoline against a wall (with its handlebar almost touching the wall surface) will reduce the room available for swinging.
  • If the above doesn’t seem enough to you, installing an additional 5kgs weight at the rear feet of the trampoline will further guarantee that your kid’s trampoline will never tip.

Some parents who left the trampoline outside for prolonged periods reported that the protective foam of the handlebar wore off a bit and that the trampoline itself had a difficult time after being exposed to the sun and rain for days.

“But the manufacturer said it’s suitable for outdoor use” you might be thinking, and it’s true. Partially, at least. Suitable doesn’t necessarily mean that you place and forget the trampoline outdoors for weeks. The best thing you can do is take it back inside your house or garage as soon as your kid’s playtime is over. This will ensure that the trampoline won’t wear off nowhere in the near future

Where can I buy the Kangaroo Trampoline? How much does it cost?

The manufacturer offers the trampoline only via Amazon. Even navigating through the official website, we didn’t manage to find a “BUY NOW BUTTON.”
So if you’re planning to give it a try, you’d better not search elsewhere. Take a look a the trampoline by clicking the Amazon image link on the right.

36″ Kangaroo Trampoline – Our Verdict

This concludes our review about this excellent yet inexpensive trampoline for kids. Combining quality, fun, and price, it seems like the perfect choice for a starter exercise trampoline for a kid. If you also feel the same, grab it now from Amazon. We firmly believe it’s a sound investment to your child’s fun.

We hope we did our best to showcase the Kangaroo Trampoline in our review. If you think that it could be of any use to a friend of yours, please share it with them. Thank you for your time!


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  1. The Little Tikes 7 Trampoline is a five-star quality product. It has all the necessary attractions and features to make users crave for the product. For its high-quality, years of use, and entertainment value, it should be a no-brainer choice for all the trampoline shoppers out there who don’t mind shaving off a little more money than usual for a high-quality trampoline.

  2. Had ours for a few years and the bracket holding the handlebar broke recently. Hoping to get a replacement part. Held up well other than that. Son loves it.


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