Have you grown tired of telling your child to not jump from couch to couch while breaking some vases in between? Has your child been asking for a trampoline where he or she could channel their excessive energy? Or, have you been looking for an easy-to-assemble trampoline you could gift to your child, one that you could easily fold and store without any fuss? If you can relate to any of the above questions, then welcome yourself to an in-depth review of the Original Toy Company Trampoline – Fold and Go by Toy Veteran.

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“OK! The name “Original Toy Company” sounds familiar to me. Can it really be THE Original Toy Company I’ve seen on so many toys of my child?” you might be wondering. Well, yes! This toy manufacturer had been around with their former-Galt Toys-name for 180+ years before changing it to Original Toy Company. They have produced literally hundreds of educational toys ranging from puzzles and nesting dolls to flying machines and trampolines.

This time they have released their blockbusting trampoline, called Fold n Go. This toy has amassed an enormous number of reviews on Amazon as you can see following this link.

The above make this trampoline the obvious choice to check out when it comes to kids trampolines. Let’s delve into this.

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Original Toy Company Trampoline Fold & Go

What makes the Original Toy Company trampoline so attractive?

To make our review more readable we decided to divide it into one section for the kids, one for the parents, one for some details about the product that the manufacturer omitted to mention in the description of their toy, and lastly your buying options and our verdict. If you need a detailed presentation of the features of the Fold and Go trampoline, however, you can take a look at its relevant page on Amazon.

What’s in for the kid?

Scouring the web for reviews of parents talking about their kids’ experience using the trampoline, Toy Veteran has come up with some useful insights about it.

Is the Original Toy Company Trampoline merely a rebounder for kids?

No! With the handlebar included, one thing is for sure; endless indoor winter fun and exercise awaits your kid.
original toy company trampoline fold and go
Also, being easily disassembled and pretty featherweight, this trampoline is the perfect companion for a child who can’t go anywhere without their favorite toy. Whether at a friend’s house, or on holiday, or even during a picnic at the countryside, your kid will be able to carry it wherever he or she goes and play either solo or with their friends.

What is the maximum weight the trampoline can handle?

With a weight capacity of 150lbs, most children aged between 3 and 7 years old (ages recommended by the manufacturer) will be able to enjoy a happy bouncing time on the trampoline.

How large is the jumping surface of the trampoline? Is it suitable for 2 kids?

The jumping area of the trampoline has a diameter of 25 inches. This should provide more than αν adequate surface for a child to bounce on. The truth is that the surface is sufficient for more than one child. It’s not advisable, however, to allow more than one child to play simultaneously on the trampoline. They are kids, nonetheless, and it takes just a little kid fight for someone to get prodded and fall off the trampoline.

What’s in for the parent?

Let’s now see why so many parents have loved this trampoline so far.

Is this trampoline safe for my kid?

The primary objective when it comes to toys for kids is the safety of the product. The manufacturer has actually put in some meticulous work to ensure that this goal is met. Let’s see why:

  • The trampoline includes a handlebar your kid can use for more balance while bouncing on it. The bar is foam padded to prevent injuries in a case of a collision. The stabilizer bar has a height of about 3 feet from the top of the jumping surface of the trampoline; this means that almost any kid at the age of 3 won’t have any problem using the trampoline.
  • This rebounder includes elastic cords that couldn’t cause any injury to your child, no matter how determined he or she become to mess with the cords. Just imagine a similar scenario where the trampoline included metal springs. Yikes! You wouldn’t want any tiny toes or fingers to mess around with metal parts, wouldn’t you? To further increase your child’s safety the design of the trampoline makes sure that your kid won’t have any access to the elastic cords while bouncing, as they are carefully covered by a protective mat.
  • The jumping platform of the trampoline is somewhat firmer from larger trampolines; this provides a controlled bouncing for the kid. Simply put, the jumper won’t leave the jumping mat for more than a few inches.
  • Last but not least, this trampoline is ASTM approved, and it also meets the HR 4040 Federal Government Toy Safety Standards. If you have not the slightest idea about what the above mean, let’s  just say that this product meets two of the strictest standards there exist on safety when it comes to toys for kids. This alone should convince you on how secure your child will be while playing on this trampoline.


Is the “Fold and Go” Trampoline by the Original Toy Company easy to assemble?

As its name implies, the assembly process of the Original Toy Company Trampoline is a piece of cake.
In fact, it will take you only 5 minutes to unwrap the trampoline, attach its legs using the provided Allen wrench
(i.e. a special hex screwdriver, Mom!) and your kid will be ready to begin bouncing on the trampoline. The assembly instructions are pretty straightforward.However, the manufacturer has got you covered in case you still find it difficult to assemble the trampoline; they provide you with an online YouTube video to guide you through the process. Don’t you believe us? Watch the video on the right. If this isn’t a top-notch customer service, we don’t know what is.

Is this trampoline quiet enough or my neighbors will suit (or even shoot) me?

Yes, yes, and yes! The elastic cords that the trampoline uses provide a quiet jumping experience for your kid, yourself, and of course your neighbors. In fact, you can place the trampoline right next to you in your living room to supervise them during their play.

What did the Original Toy Company didn’t tell you about their Fold & Go Trampoline?

Despite the fact that the manufacturer provided a detailed description of the product, the Toy Veteran decided to take things a bit further and reveal some additional information about the trampoline.

Can my child use the Original Toy Company Trampoline outdoors too?

Well, the toy can be used both indoors and outdoors. However, for no reason should you leave it outside for extended periods of time as exposure to the sun rays and excessive rain might wear it out. Besides, it’s so easily movable (weighs only 13.2lbs) that the risk of leaving it outside isn’t worth it.

Can my child use the handle bar of the trampoline as a monkey bar?

“Negative!” the Toy Veteran responds. Even if the toy provides sufficient stability for absorbing medium swings, it will eventually tip over if a heavier child makes a series of aggressive swings using the handle bar.

Here are a couple of professional tips should you face such a problem.
1st) Place the trampoline against a wall (so that the bar touches the wall surface) to reduce the available room for swings.
2nd) You can install an additional 5lbs weight at the rear legs of the trampoline to make sure they stay attached to the ground no matter how hard your child swings. This is a fantastic hint we found while reading a review on Amazon, and we really want to congratulate the reviewer for it. Give it a look here!

Can I remove the handle bar when my child grows older?

Of course, you can! You just have to use the provided Allen wrench, and the bar is removed in mere seconds.

Is the Original Toy Company Fold & Go Trampoline really foldable?

Well, we have to admit that the toy name is a bit misleading here.
While the trampoline is foldable enough to be stored in a closet, the disassembly process should take about 5 to 10 minutes to complete. So, if you thought that only 2 or three moves would make the trampoline to go pocket-edition, you might have to reconsider things. However, if you assemble or disassemble the toy once, you will have no difficulty at all to fold it. Just make sure you don’t lose the Allen screwdriver it comes with it.

Can I place this trampoline on my wooden floor or carpet?

“Affirmative!” The rubber feet of the toy guarantee that no scratches will ever appear on the surface of your hardwood floor or your precious carpet. Feel free to put the trampoline wherever you can supervise your child better.

Whom is the Original Toy Company Trampoline NOT suitable for?

Even though the trampoline will satisfy the majority of kids from 3 to 7 years old, it is not a toy for everyone.

For example, if your kid is a bit older, he or she might demand a larger trampoline, as the Fold & Go Model is a rebounder that doesn’t allow flips and extreme stunts.

Also, if you plan to leave the trampoline outside for the whole year, you might want to look for a more professional option that will withstand any harsh weather conditions.

If you belong to any of the above cases, you should reconsider your choices. For the rest, however, the starter Fold & Go Trampoline by the Original Toy Company should do the work.

What about the warranty of the trampoline?

The Original Toy Company Trampoline comes with 1-year warranty. Many reviewers on Amazon stated, however, that it lasted a lot longer than one year. We particularly liked a review where a parent suggested you used an additional layer of foam to maximize the security and the endurance of the handle bar. A really useful trick given the fact that your kid will definitely bite the handle bar from time to time!

Where to buy the Original Toy Company Trampoline? What else there is to know?

The trampoline currently retails at $100 on the official website of the Original Toy Company. We advise you, however, to take a look at the Amazon website to see if you can profit from a discount. You can see the current price of the trampoline on Amazon at the picture on your right.

The shipping weight of the trampoline is almost 16.1 pounds which means it can be easily transported if you want to gift it to a child. It also comes with free shipping on Amazon which means an even more profitable deal for you.

Our Verdict

This sums up our detailed review of the Original Toy Company Fold and Go Trampoline. We hope we’ve provided enough data to allow you to decide whether this is the perfect starter trampoline for your kid or not.
Our opinion is that this is a very durable, fun, and most of all, safe rebounder for your little one/ones. The above justify the incredible number of reviewers on Amazon and the high rating the Original Toy Company Trampoline has got so far. If you also feel that this is a trampoline your kid should own, then wait no more. Grab it from Amazon, following this link. You can also read numerous reviews to get even more insights on the toy if you aren’t 100% convinced yet.

Thank you for reading!

P.S. We decided to put this paragraph right at the end of our review so that anyone sees it.

The manufacturer of the Original Toy Company Trampoline states that it is Great for kids with Special Needs. Toy Veteran believes in equal opportunities for all people. Thus, we wanted to point you to an answer given by Marianne on Amazon who stated that her grandson has CP (i.e. Cerebral Palsy) and The Original Toy Company Trampoline has enabled him to increase his balance and that he still loves playing on it despite him being 5 years old. You can read the answer here.

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P.S.2 If you want to go pro on rebounding, take a look at our best mini trampolines – rebounders reviews guide

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