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Trampolines are an amazing way of spending time with your family, having fun and of course having a workout. Jumping up and down like a dancer, an acrobat, or even a superhero from the movies can be super fun and super effective as well.While bouncing, you can burn calories and reinforce your muscle system. You can find countless workout routines online, and that can only motivate you more to keep it up and spend more time jumping. Because let’s be real here, is the subscription to the gym as sweet as flying and dancing in the air?

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As we all know, purchasing a new trampoline for the family can be a real struggle. There are so many things you need to take into account, many factors you need to consider. Propel Trampolines have quite the reputation, and they could certainly qualify as a great choice. Propel is one of the strongest and most trustworthy trampoline sellers at the moment.
If you are looking for a propel trampoline for family use and endless hours of joy, you should probably go for a durable trampoline with dimensions that will suit every member of the household. The Propel 15ft. Trampoline, is safe for both the youngest and the oldest member of the family respectively.

However, there are so many questions when it comes to obtaining such a product, that you can’t overlook. What is the weight limit? Is it the right height for the family? What about the trampoline’s parts, what about its net? Is it the best one for me?
You surely have many questions you would like answers to, so before you get overwhelmed, allow the Toy Veteran to shed some light on this product for you.

What is the Propel 15 ft trampoline?

Propel 15 Trampoline
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As its name implies,  Propel 15, is a 15 feet trampoline. Its enclosure net and an anchor kit, height and weight limits  make this trampoline an excellent choice for the entire family.

The trampoline is tall and durable; thus it can fit each member of the family. Also, it comes with an instructions manual, so the installation becomes a piece of cake and of course… the most fascinating part: In the handbook, you can find guides and tutorials on how to jump. You can learn tricks and moves through simple directions followed by photos. That is something that might motivate the family to work out on this product, even more.

What is the propel 15ft trampoline’s weight limit?

This is one of the most important questions when it comes to purchasing a trampoline. In fact, the importance of the weight limit can be recognized through a number of accidents caused by ignorance for the limits. People who neglected the limit ended up hurting themselves.
This specific product, however, has a 300 pound (136 kg) weight capacity, which means that it can hold any kid, teenager or adult, that weighs less than 300 lbs. This makes the trampoline even safer and makes sure that your family can have some fun without worrying about any potential accident.

Note: Customers have reported that this particular trampoline doesn’t squeak at all, as opposed to other trampolines in the market.

What about the trampoline’s parts?

Let’s see each part separately so we can point out important details here.

Propel Trampoline net

The net’s weight is about 160 lbs (170 lbs – gross weight) which is about 72 kg(77kg – gross weight). That makes the net pretty strong, capable of absorbing all kinds of crazy moves and impacts.
Also, the height of the net is about 72.4 inches (183 cm) from the ground, which means that the height of the enclosure is about 74 inch. The enclosure is pretty tall, so it will stand as a protective wall for all the clumsy children that might take off in the air and lose their balance while landing.

Mat and Frame

The trampoline features a stainless steel frame and a UV treated mat. More specifically, the diameter of the mat is 173 inches which means that there is plenty of space for the jumpers to do their tricks and have fun.

Moreover, the mat is very soft because of the extra weaves so the jumpers can try out new tricks without worrying about having an unpleasant harsh fall.

Lastly, thanks to an advanced T-bracket system and the Sure-Lock Pad, the frame and its cushioning is super stable, and it stays in place, no matter the weather. Thus, the trampoline is very sturdy and durable, which means that you can leave it outside even in winter without having any issues.

Springs and accessories

The 96 strings (5.5 inches) offer incredibly smooth bouncing, and you can be reassured about your family’s safety.

In addition, there is a wind anchor included so that the wind won’t cause any issues and the trampoline remains stable.

Note: The trampoline does not come with a spring stretcher, so you might need to obtain that separately.

Furthermore, you can find a cover, a ladder and mister kit and other accessories to enrich the experience.

You can also find a clubhouse tent to convert the trampoline into a club house for your child. You can read our review here.

Propel 15 Trampoline Replacement Parts

If something’s wrong with any part of the trampoline, do not worry. You can find any part you wish to replace so that you can repair your toy. The parts are pretty inexpensive, and your trampoline can easily be as good as new.

How safe is the trampoline for my child?

Speaking of safety, with this trampoline you can securely spend hours playing with your children since this product features “impact absorbent bungees enclosure system”. To state it more simply, this huge outdoor toy is designed in such a way, to protect the jumpers in case they hit the enclosure, by absorbing the impact. Its 96 strings along with its six poles (legs) made of steel, ensure that accidents stay out of your way.

What is the price of Propel 15-foot trampoline? How about the warranty?

The propel 15 feet trampoline comes with a springs and frame one-year warranty, while every other part is guaranteed for 90 days. You can find its current price on Amazon at the picture to the right.

Note: Keep in mind that you should read the manual of the product before trying to assemble or even use the toy. If you fail to install and use the trampoline as specified in the instructions, your warranty will be canceled.

How to install the Propel 15′ trampoline?

You are surely wondering about the assembly, this seemingly complicated building process. The process is fully described in the manual where you can find a step by step guide (includes pictures). It is pretty straightforward, so you really should not worry.

However, you should know that one or more adults are required for the installation.

If you wish to check the instructions in more detail, you can find the whole manual here.

There are also many assembly videos you can find online to assist you during the assembly process.

Is this propel trampoline for me?

This 15 ft toy offers a great deal of features, and it is pretty impressive. It is perfect for any weather circumstances. No matter where you live, this trampoline is so durable that the weather is not going to be a problem. However, this is a pretty large trampoline, so if you do not live in a house with a large backyard, or a basement, or even a garage with plenty of space, then this product would not be your best choice. On the other hand, if you do have enough room for the assembly of the toy then take your camera and get ready to capture your happiest family moments.

Final Verdict

The propel trampoline is the definition of value for money. It offers a lot of features, and it is actually affordable. It is a fabulous way for the family to spend creative time together and bond while having the time of their lives.
Don’t forget that apart from fun this can also be an excellent work out for you and your children. As a matter of fact, “trampoline” is one of the most spectacular Olympic sports. You can figure out the moves by studying the manual, and you can teach your children as well. And who knows? Maybe you are meant to be the parent of a future champion.

If you also feel that the Propel 15′ Trampoline could be the “game changer” for you and your family, grab it right away from Amazon. If you, however, want to inspect the product a little more you can read additional reviews using the provided link.

Thank you for reading!

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