Are you looking for a safer alternative to the traditional treehouse? Are you searching for a way to provide a play den for your kids where they can bounce freely on their favorite trampoline or play using their toys? Or are you just searching for an add-on to transform your propel trampoline to a clubhouse? If your answer to the questions above is a “Yes!”, then please continue reading this article. We are about to reveal to you the Trampoline Clubhouse Tent by Propel which promises to transform your kid’s trampoline to a whole new experience. Let’s see if it lives up to the hype or not.

If you’ve been doing your research on trampolines or if you already own a trampoline, you surely have stumbled on Propel Trampolines. This American manufacturer is one of the most popular brands in trampoline industry, providing quality trampolines and accessories. Their products are so popular that ToyVeteran decided to look a closer look and provide you with a review of their most sought after Propel 15′ Trampoline (You can read our article by clicking on the link above).

Speaking of trampoline accessories, Propel has released their series of Club houses (i.e. Clubhouse tents) to accompany their best-selling trampolines. Given the fact that the most popular Propel Trampoline is their 15ft, we decided to focus on the relevant 15ft trampoline clubhouse tent. However, our findings apply to any other clubhouse tent by Propel (i.e. the 12′ and 14′).

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Propel Clubhouse Trampoline Tent – What we liked about it

Before we delve into what the Clubhouse Tent has to offer to you, let’s set some things straight; this isn’t a standalone product. Simply put, this tent doesn’t include the Propel 15′ trampoline itself but is an add-on accessory. This means that you should buy the trampoline separately should you wish to transform it to a clubhouse.

trampoline clubhouse tent
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Now that it’s clear who can use the Propel Clubhouse let’s look at some things it has to offer to your kid or kids.

  1. The Propel Clubhouse serves as a play den that transforms your child’s trampoline to a playhouse. What this means your child is that it will have its private clubhouse where he or she can spend their time playing with their favorite toys or bouncing on their trampoline.
  2. The Clubhouse includes a zippered entrance. The zipper can be used by you, the parent, to ensure that your child or children won’t risk falling off the Clubhouse. Fun combined with safety – sounds perfect to a parent’s ears, doesn’t it?
  3. This Clubhouse consists only of one piece. What this means is that the assembly process should be a piece of cake. You just have to drop the tent over your existing trampoline, and the Clubhouse is ready. In fact, there are some reviews on Amazon that claim that parents were able to set it up in less than 10 minutes. We particularly liked one review of a mother that included a photo showing the setup clubhouse in which she has placed some led lights creating an impressive result. Do you want to take a look at it? Here you are 🙂
  4. The Propel Trampoline Clubhouse is made of weather resistant materials. This practically means that your kid can enjoy its time inside the clubhouse even during light rain or during a hot day. The design of the Clubhouse also permit light moisture to be channeled through the roof to allow drainage in case of rain.
  5. The Clubhouse includes 3 adjustable windows that allow you to provide shade and protect your child from sun rays. Don’t overdo this, however. It should be clear that the sun is vital for a kid’s development.

What should you be aware of the Propel clubhouse tent?

Apart from the fact that this tent is an add-on that requires a trampoline, there are some things to know before you decide on your purchase. Let’s examine them:

1) The Clubhouse fits only trampolines made by Propel and Kinetic. To be more specific, the models that are supported by the Clubhouse are the following ones: P15da-re (Propel 15′ trampoline), K15da-be (Kinetic 15 trampoline), and Ptsa15-108 (by Propel too). All of them are trampolines with 6 enclosure poles. Just make sure you own one of the above trampolines as you might run into an unpleasant situation if you try to fit the clubhouse in an incompatible trampoline. This has been the case with many reviewers on Amazon who own trampolines of different brands

2)A clarification should be made on the rain resistance of the clubhouse. Despite the fact that the material used is waterproof, the manufacturers of the product state that you should remove it in a case of stormy weather as it may hold so much water it might eventually be torn apart by its weight. We thought we should mention this notice by the manufacturer as there have been some unjustifiable complaints on Amazon regarding this situation. So, to make things even clearer, if you see that a storm is coming towards your region, remove the tent ASAP. Besides, it only takes mere minutes to put it back on the trampoline. Are you with us Seattle and Chicago people?


Where can I buy the Trampoline Clubhouse add-on?

You can check its current price on Amazon.  You can get it with free shipping or using their Amazon Prime feature for a quick delivery. Here’s a link if you want to check the clubhouse on Amazon yourself. (We might get some money should you decide to purchase using this link. Thank you in advance.)

Trampoline Clubhouse – Our Verdict

If you’re looking for a way to transform your kid’s trampoline to a fully functional clubhouse with minimal effort, then the Propel Trampoline Clubhouse should be your choice. If you already have a Propel Trampoline, you just need to buy the Clubhouse Tent, place it on the trampoline and you’re ready to go. You have a Clubhouse your child will adore in less than 10 minutes. Propel ensures that all safety and quality measures are taken into consideration to provide your child with a perfect hideout where they can enjoy their play time. Summer sleepovers also included for them and their friends. Click here if you want to take a closer look on Amazon.

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