Have you been searching for a rebounder (i.e. personal fitness trampoline) to add to your home gym? Have you been lookinge for a quiet way to exercise even when the entire family is sleeping? Are you just being jealous of that friend who has a rebounder in their houses and has already begun building their training regime? Or have you just learned/listened about the Jumpsport 250 fitness trampoline and you decided to search for an online review about it? If any of the questions above have been lingering in your mind, then allow us to welcome you to our Jumpsport Fitness Trampoline Model 250 review.

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Jumpsport is a USA-based, family-owned manufacturer and undoubtedly one of the most famous trampoline and exercise equipment manufacturers worldwide. Having been on the market for 19 years so far, they have managed to win many prizes ranging from child’s product of the year to sports product of the year. They have also got the approval awards from the National Parenting Center and they Family Review Center. Their motto -Safety that lasts for a lifetime- and the fact that their founder Mark Publicover is considered as the father of the trampoline safety enclosure net got the attention of ToyVeteran and made him investigate their well-known rebounder; the 250 Model.

The Model 250 fitness trampoline by Jumpsport is one of the most sought after personal trampolines online. Do you want any proof about that? Just taking a look on the relevant Amazon page will shock you.  The number of customer reviews (279 as of writing this article) and a rating of 4.7/5 stars actually surprised us too, making it the obvious choice to check out. Let’s see what makes this rebounder so special and if it actually lives up to the hype. But first of all…

What is a rebounder? Why do I need one?

The answer might be profound, especially if you’ve been messing with trampolines for a while, but for the newcomers, let’s try to clarify things a bit.

Simply put, a rebounder (aka exercise trampolie) is a small, personal trampoline used mainly for training purposes. Usually, it isn’t very bulky, and you can move it where you want to exercise. It’s easily storable and perhaps, hideable or foldable. Compared to larger trampolines, a rebounder doesn’t provide any room for flips and spectacular bounces, and you can only jump or jog on it for cardiovascular exercise. Hope this helps.

Jumpsport Fitness Trampoline Model 250 – What’s in it for me?

  • If you’re searching for an indoor rebounder that will let you exercise without waking up the entire family (Ouch!), then you might have landed (literally and figuratively) on the ideal product. This fitness trampoline doesn’t have any springs that are noisy while you’re training. Instead, it uses elastic bungees (i.e. cords) that provide a silent jumping experience as well as smooth jumping rhythm.jumpsport fitness trampoline model 250
  • Apart from its quite bounce, this rebounder has a 250lbs weight capacity which can handle most, if not any, bouncer. Yes, LeBron! It can even handle YOU! (your 249lbs are no match for this rebounder).
  • The trampoline also comes packed with a companion DVD including basic exercises to help the beginners make the most of this rebounder.
  • The legs of the rebounder have an arched, no-tip shape that enhances stability and safety for the jumper. Simply put, it’s almost impossible for the rebounder to move while you’re practicing, let aside to flip over.
  • The edges of the jumping surface have a series of patented padded petals that cover the cords of the trampoline to add safety for the bouncer who has no access to the cords during their training. They also extend the jumping surface area for 60% of the initial area, resulting in an exercise area of 1030 square inches. Simply put, Safety PLUS More Jumping Area = Double the fun for you.

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Anything else I should know about Jumpsport 250 fitness trampoline?

Please allow your Toy Veteran to answer some additional questions that you might have about this rebounder. He wouldn’t be a Vet if he didn’t know them, would he?

How long will it take to assemble the Jumpsport model 250 trampoline?

Ahhh! The assembly process! The eternal worry of those who think about buying a trampoline for them or their kids. This is not the case with the Model 250 Fitness Trampoline by Jumpsport as 5 to 10 minutes should suffice for you to assemble it completely. The trampoline comes almost entirely assembled, and you will only have to attach its legs.

Can my child also use the Jumpsport 250 rebounder?

“Affirmative!” the Toy Veteran responds. The rebounder has a frame height of 12″ off the ground. This practically means that your child will be able to climb on and off it easily. Be aware, however. This fitness trampoline doesn’t include an enclosure net. Thus, kids younger than 3 years old should wait a bit, before using this trampoline, just to avoid any injuries. Otherwise, you should consider buying the handle bar add-on sold by separately by Jumpsport. This eventually takes us to our next question;

Should I buy the Jumpsport Exercise Handle Bar for the Jumpsport 250 Model?

Jumpsport offers a stabilizer bar that can be attached to the 250 Model to increase and is sold separately. You might consider buying this add-on as:

  1. It’s a great extension as it enhances the sense of safety while you’re bouncing on the rebounder. This added security is particularly useful if you do not have a great sense of balance or if your kids want to use the rebounder as well.
  2. The bar also gives you additional options for upper-body exercise.
  3. What is more important, however, is the fact that the bar can be adjusted to 6 different height settings depending on how tall is the bouncer. This makes it ideal for younger kids who wish to use the rebounder as well.
  4. Last but not least, the exercise bar helps you ensure that you’re standing upright while bouncing on the trampoline which allows you to maintain a good posture during your training.

If the above seem intriguing to you, check the Jumpsport Exercise Handle Bar on Amazon

How long will the Jumpsport 250 exercise trampoline last?

Jumpsport trampolines are popular for their endurance. As for this particular model, its Endurolast-technology bungees last 2X longer than any conventional springs. Also, the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty for the frame and the legs, 5-year warranty for the mat, 2 year- warranty for the elastic cords, and 1 year for all other components of the trampoline.

Can I move or hide the Jumpsport fitness trampoline model 250 trampoline?

The rebounder weighs only 22lbs. So, YES! You can move it and store it without any trouble.

Whom is the Model 250 fitness trampoline suitable for?

While the benefits of using a rebounder should be clear by now, Toy Veteran wants to point out a few more things to you.

  • Rebounding is great for body detoxication, weight and cellulite loss. Using a fitness trampoline for 20-30 minutes a day would be more than enough for your health.
    And if you’re wondering how can you find that time to exercise, we got a solution for you; you can move (it weighs merely 22 lbs, remember?) your Jumpsport rebounder Model 250 in your living room and combine it with TV-watching or listening to your favorite music. Our choice is the second one;  Music + Exercise = Motivation LVL 100 for you.
  • Jumpsport claims that their product has a reduction of 40% on impact compared to other rebounders. Simply put, this rebounder is ideal for you if you happen to face any knee problems. The shock absorption of the rebounder is so great that many knee-sufferers and joint-sufferers praise it on Amazon for allowing them to begin exercising after failing with aerobics and treadmills before.
  • Also, people who have been using rebounders claim that training using a rebounder provides an excellent way to exercise for cancer prevention. This happens to be the case with this Jumpsport 250 Exercise Trampoline. In fact, we stumbled on many reviews on Amazon claiming that they use the trampoline to increase their lymphatic flow. Give it a try if you also want to move your lymphatic system.
  • Lastly, rebounding is beneficial to those who want to get rid of their varicose veins or build strong abs. There have been many raving reviews, also on Amazon, claiming the above and our Toy Veteran couldn’t agree more.

Who shouldn’t buy the Jumpsport 250 rebounder?

While the 250 Model is the perfect rebounder for home exercise, it shouldn’t by any means be considered a trampoline for professional trampoline athletes. What we mean is that this rebounder doesn’t have an adequate jumping surface for backflipping, dunking or any other spectacular stunts. So, if you want a large outdoor trampoline you’d better look elsewhere, but if you want an In-Home small rebounder you can use right away, then this one should be your No. 1 choice.

This rebounder doesn’t include an enclosure net. So, if your planning to buy it as a trampoline for babies or kids younger than 2-3 years old, this is definitely NOT an option. Our bet, however, is that if you’re reading this review, you’re planning to buy this rebound for you. So, you wouldn’t have any problems using the rebounder (unless you’re smaller than a 2 yr. old child 🙂 ).

What didn’t Jumpsport tell you about their 250 Model Trampoline?

There are some facts that the manufacturer omitted to mention in their product description. The cunning, yet experienced Toy Veteran eye, however, un-dug these details for you, to give you a more detailed insight. Let’s delve into them:

How tall does my ceiling have to be to use the Jumpsport 250?

Not too tall! You shouldn’t expect the jumper to leave more than just a few inches from the jumping mat. Thus, standard ceilings would do the work. To give you a better idea on how tall your ceiling has to be, let’s say that if you are about 5’7″-tall, a ceiling of 6’8″ would be OK, whereas one 6’10”-tall would be perfect.

Do I have to put a mat below the trampoline to protect my floor surface?

No! There’s no need for a protective mat under the rebounder as its legs are silicon-padded. This means that you won’t see any unpleasant scratches on your floor.

Is this Jumpsport 250 trampoline foldable?

No! Unfortunately, the 250 Model doesn’t belong to the family of foldable trampolines by Jumpsport. But who cares? With a weight of 22 lbs, you can hide it right away. It can even stand on its side should you wish to store it at your balcony or backyard if you have any visitors for dinner.

Jumpsport 250 VS 350 fitness trampolines – which one to choose?

Given that both models of this rebounder by Jumpsport are very popular and that both have the same weight limit (250lbs) and frame diameter ( 39 inches), we decided to take a closer look to allow you choose which one is better for you. So, here are the main differences between the Jumpsport Fitness Trampolines models 250 and 350.

  1. The 250 Model has a little larger jumping surface than the 350 Model. While the Exercise Surface Area of the former one is 1030 square inches, the latter has an Exercise Surface area of 882 square inches.
  2. The 250 Model has somewhat fixed firmness Settings whereas in the 350 Model you can adjust the Settings in 3 ways to increase or decrease firmness at will.
  3. The 250 Jumpsport Fitness Trampoline model has a series of petals at the edges of the mat surface which protect your toes from touching the bungees (i.e. cords) and provide additional space for bouncing. On the other hand, the 350f Model has a skirt ending on its mat surface which also protects your toes and provides additional jumping area. It is, however, somewhat smaller compared to the one provided by the 250 model.
  4. The 350f model is foldable whereas the 250 model isn’t. If folding and storage are of importance to you, you should consider picking the former one. Don’t let this discourage you from picking the model 250, though, as it is so featherweight (20lbs) that can be easily moved and hidden.
  5. The 250 model comes with a basic exercise DVD. The companion DVD included in the 350 model is a bit more complete as it features four workout videos, hence its name 4-in-1 Workout DVD.
  6. Their Price. The Model 250 Fitness Trampoline retails at $249.00 at the official Jumpsport website, whereas the price of Jumpsport 350 is $299.00.
  7. We hope that the above shed some light on the main differences between the JumpSport 250 vs 350 Fitness Trampoline models. If you want to take a look at the 350 Model, you’re free to do so visiting the following link to visit the Amazon website.

Where can I buy the Jumpsport fitness trampoline model 250?

You can buy it online at the official Jumpsport website, where it retails at around $249, or you can give it a look on the Amazon website which also offers free shipping and a gift-wrapping option if you want to gift the trampoline to a kid or a beloved one. Check the picture next to this paragraph to see its current price on Amazon.

Our verdict

This concludes our Jumpsport Fitness Trampoline Model 250 review. We hope we’ve covered everything you could possibly want to know about this wonderful rebounder.

If, based on what you’ve just read, you feel that this exercise trampoline would fit your arsenal of home training equipment, we’d suggest you head to the Amazon website and give it a try right-away. If you still want to read more, however, there are tons of genuine reviews to further assist you in making your decision.

We hope that our review has helped you. Toy Veteran over and out!

P.S. Please come back with a comment to let us know your opinion.

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