About a year ago Vuly announced the release of their blockbusting Vuly 2 trampoline and ToyVeteran couldn’t help but include a detailed review about it. As there’s been a lot of hype around this trampoline, we decided to provide our readers with a comprehensive guide to allow them to determine if this is the trampoline they should buy for their children.

Important UPDATE

“Vuly? Who is Vuly?” you might be wondering. If that’s the case with you, get ready to know one of the most popular Sports and Leisure products brands, specializing in trampolines and trampoline accessories. In fact, according to their official website, Vuly have been rewarded with the “Good Design Award” for their products at the International Good Design Awards in Sydney. If this reward has triggered your interest, please keep on reading as you’re about to learn everything there is to know about their flagship trampoline – Vuly 2. Having the motto: “Trampolines that push limits,” promises to deliver only top quality trampolines. Let’s see if their Vuly 2 trampoline lives up to the hype.

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Vuly 2 Trampoline – A closer look

Let’s take a closer look at what Vuly 2 has to offer to you and your kid. To make our review easier to read we divided it into 4 sections: safety, fun, things parents should know about the trampoline, and assembly.

Is Vuly 2 safe?

“Vuly2: The Classic Backyard Trampoline Reimagined” is the motto of the manufacturer about Vuly 2. This slogan combined with the claim of the company that they have created the safest trampoline ever existed really got our attention. Let’s see if these bold claims are valid or not.

  • The net enclosure of the trampoline is made of Silk Terylene material. What this practically means is that the net is incredibly safe for your kids, which won’t be able to touch the frame even if they jump straight onto the enclosure.
  • Also, the design of the trampoline ensures that your children won’t have any access to the springs. In fact, the enclosure is so well put together and the springs are well covered to ensure that no fingers and toes are close enough to the springs to get stuck.
  • Last but not least, it goes without saying that Vuly 2 is a very solid construction. In fact, the state-of-the-art design and the sturdy frame and poles make it impossible for the trampoline to flip during your child’s play.
Vuly 2 Trampoline Review
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OK! Enough with safety! Give me the fun part of this Vuly Trampoline!

Now we’ve covered the safety aspects of this great trampoline, let’s focus on the fun part. Besides, a trampoline is a toy, and we should be focusing on the fun features of it.

  • Vuly 2 contains a two-ringed, steel frame and two series of springs. These two provide exceptional bounce for anyone who uses the trampoline, allowing spectacular figures and providing tons of fun for the bouncer and their spectators 🙂
  • Vuly’s HexVex game mat consists of shapes and figures that can be used to create custom jumping games or to develop a trampoline routine in your backyard. In fact, this revolutionary mat ensures that no one will ever get bored of the trampoline.
  • Is your child the new LeBron? If so, you can install a basketball hoop accessory and make the trampoline a backyard basketball court. In fact, there have been many raving reviews on Amazon claiming that this addition is a must if your kids, especially boys, like basketball and want the maximum experience using the trampoline. Be warned! You’re about to see some serious dunking, there! The hoop add-on is as sturdy as the whole trampoline and can withstand even the most dynamic dunkers.

Already convinced? Click on the image above to see the trampoline in action on Amazon.

Important UPDATE

What’s in for the parents who buy the Vuly 2 trampoline for their kids?

  1. This trampoline has a weight limit of 330 lbs making it ideal for family play. This practically means that about 3 or 4 kids could play simultaneously on it. In fact, kids of all ages, (Yes, I’m talking to you jealous mom or dad!) can use the trampoline, providing they adhere to the weight limitations. Besides, 330 lbs should suffice for 3 or 4 children’s play or 2 adults’ game.
  2. Vuly offers safety of the highest caliber. We’ve dedicated a whole paragraph on this issue, however, so you should be aware of the security that the trampoline has to offer to anyone who uses it.
  3. The manufacturer of the trampoline has used only quality materials which ensure that the product will last dramatically long. Both springs and frame are made of steel that further increases the endurance of the trampoline. Besides, the mat and the safety net are water and sun resistant (UV-Rated) making the trampoline perfect for outdoor use.
  4. Last but not least, Vuly offers a top-notch customer service ready to assist you during the assembly process. Speaking of which…

How easy is the vuly 2 trampoline assembly process?

One of the main deterrents due to which people wouldn’t think of buying a trampoline is that it looks complicated to set up. This is not the case with Vuly 2. Let’s examine why:

How long does it take to assemble a Vuly 2 trampoline?

Contrary to the majority of other trampolines, Vuly 2 takes only about 2 hours to set up. The truth is that most of the time you will to assemble the trampoline will be used in leveling the ground below it.

How many people will it take to install the trampoline?

One or two people should suffice. Amazon offers an installation option, but if you want our opinion, you won’t need it.

How many parts does the trampoline consist of?

One of the main reasons that make Vuly 2 so easy to assemble is that it contains 6 parts. Yes, you’ve read it well! 6 only pieces! According to the manufacturer, the frame of the trampoline is free of nuts and bolts, making the assembly process easy and fast.

How about the Vuly 2 trampoline instructions? Are they easy to follow?

The answer is a straightforward “Yes!”  In fact, the manufacturer has created an easy to follow manual that will guide you through the assembly process. But wait, there’s more to help you should you need any further assistance. Vuly provides you with a YouTube video to help you even more with the installation of the trampoline. If this isn’t a great support, what is?


What didn’t the Vuly advertisement reveal to you?

•    This trampoline is pretty heavy and thus not easily movable. What this means for you is that you won’t be able to move it to mow any grass below it. However, this additional weight makes up for the stability and durability of the trampoline. Many reviewers on Amazon mentioned that it withstood even extreme weather conditions like storms and strong winds. Are you with us, Chicago people?
•    The trampoline doesn’t include a zip for the net that has to be locked from outside. Instead, it contains overlapping doors that close automatically. Do you see our point here? Contrary to zips that your children might forget to lock, Vuly 2 closes automatically to ensure your children’s safety.
•    Some versions of the trampoline include a tent to protect your children from the sun rays. While scouring the Web to get the most accurate information about the product, we found some complaints about this roof by some buyers. We investigated the issue a bit, and we managed to get a clearer view. The protective tent included is NOT an install-and-forget add-on. Even the manufacturer’s site and the relevant video suggest it should be used only as an occasional means of protection. If you want a more permanent alternative, however, Vuly has got you covered. You can buy a shade cover straight from their website. It might raise up the cost a bit, but it will eventually allow your children to play even in summer with their favorite trampoline.
•    The Vuly 2 trampoline doesn’t include a built-in step ladder like its more-expensive cousin, Vuly Thunder. This shouldn’t discourage you from choosing it, however. You can always use a mini ramp on the ground to provide a little boost to smaller children as a workaround, or you can buy a ladder separately.

Whom is Vuly 2 trampoline suitable for?

Fitness and trampoline fans rejoice! Let’s see why Vuly 2 can be the perfect trampoline for you:

•    This trampoline should be the perfect choice for trampoline enthusiasts of any age. Come on! Don’t be a liar! You know you’ve dreamt of having a trampoline as a child! Vuly 2 is the perfect trampoline for family play.
•    The trampoline uses traditional coil springs that come in doubles. What this means is that they provide better bounce than the majority of other trampolines. So, if your kid or you are serious trampoline bouncers, you will love how bouncy is the new version of Vuly trampoline.
•    Fitness addicts should rejoice using a Vuly 2 trampoline for their daily exercise. When we say fitness addicts, we even include Olympic Games Champions. If you don’t believe us, the appraisal for Vuly 2, made by JI Wallace, the Australian Silver Medal Winner in trampoline should convince you. You can take a look at the video following this link that will take you to the page of the trampoline on Amazon. The video should appear in the list of thumbnails on the left.

What about kids? Why should I pick a Vuly 2 Trampoline for my daughter or son?

•    Having a trampoline is the ideal present for parents who want to keep their kids off gadgets, TV, and video games. Most raving reviews on Amazon mention that kids wouldn’t get off the trampoline, even after playing for many hours on it. So, if you are a parent and want to promote a healthier lifestyle for your beloved children, you should really consider buying Vuly-2.
•    This Vuly trampoline is built with the safety of your child in mind! This is evident in all the areas of the product. It is a solid construction, with a strong enclosure net, a steel frame, and an auto-closing door. This makes it the best trampoline for kids with special needs. Simply put, this trampoline makes it almost impossible for any child to get an injury while playing. They cannot fall out of the opening; they cannot touch the poles, they do not have any access to the springs of the trampoline. This way, kids enjoy their play and parents enjoy their worry-free time.

Important UPDATE

Vuly 2 vs. Springfree – which trampoline is better?

Given the fact that Vuly and Springfree are two leading trampoline manufacturers, there might be people who wonder about which one they should buy. Before comparing these two trampoline brands, we should state that they both create great trampolines.
Springfree trampolines are quality trampolines that are known for their built-in basketball hoops, ladders, even digital games which make them the first smart trampolines. All the above, combined with extreme safety create top-notch trampolines. However, two reasons could make someone lean towards the Vuly trampoline option;
* Vuly trampolines are less expensive. We mean, a lot less expensive. To give you an idea, an average 12ft. Vuly 2 trampoline should cost around $900 whereas 11ft. Springfree trampoline would cost around $2500.
* The design of Vuly 2 allows the entire mat to be used while this is not the case regarding its rival Springfree trampoline. This way your kid will have more surface to practice.
The above two facts should clarify things a bit for you.

Which Vuly 2 model should I buy?

As of writing this review, Vuly 2 comes out in 4 sizes: 8ft, 10ft, 12ft, and 14ft. You should choose that fits the needs of your kid and family better. If you want our opinion on this matter, just pick the biggest one you can afford. Your kids will definitely want to invite their friends for a trampoline party, and your neighbors will surely want to give it a try!

Which is the best price for Vuly 2?

Given that the trampoline comes out in different sizes, it’s obvious that the prize will vary too. Amazon currently has all models in stock and offer free shipping. Here’s your link if you want to compare models and prices on Amazon.

Vuly 2 Reviews – Our Verdict

This sums up our review of the Vuly 2 trampoline. It was a really in-depth look at what is perceived to be one of the best trampolines available. Vuly has created a state-of-the-art trampoline emphasizing on its safety, ease of assembly, endurance, and most of all, fun for kids of all ages.  We definitely believe that buying a Vuly 2 trampoline is a safe investment for your child’s fun and a toy your kids will love for many years to come. If you also believe the same, give it a look on Amazon!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our Vuly 2 review. Feel free to share it with people who care about.

P.S. If you’re interested in reading more about Vuly Trampolines, we also have the Vuly Trampoline Reviews guide available for you.

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